Luxury City Break in Split Croatia

Luxury City Break in Split, Croatia

Today we introduce you to our new travel bloggers who will visit top destinations in Croatia and top villas in our offer and we will share their experiences with you. Thus, let us start with a luxury city break in Split, Croatia.

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Split is the largest city in Dalmatia and there's an abundance of local attractions, natural beauties, activities, and dining spots. Here are some top spots our travel bloggers visited on their luxury city break in Split, Croatia,

Fine dining in Split

Everybody knows that a fun night in the town starts with a good dinner and our travel bloggers had their dinner at CHOPS GRILL.

CHOPS GRILL Steak & Seafood Steakhouse

It is a downtown restaurant with a terrace. As you can see from the video below the setting is modern and trendy.

Video of CHOPS GRILL Steak & Seafood Steakhouse

Regarding food and drinks, steaks are their forte, but they also serve seafood, pasta, and cocktails.

Chops Grill Staff

Chops Grill Friendly Staff

Plates are impressively decorated and the atmosphere of the place is relaxing but still luxurious. The staff is friendly and accommodating.

Let us not forget desserts. No matter if your choice is chocolate lava cake or a fruit dessert, you will enjoy it for sure! Yummy!

Chops Grill Desserts

Chops Grill Dessert

For all these reasons, Chops is almost always full, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance. They are open from 8 am for breakfast. They also serve lunch and dinner.

After dinner, follows a night on the town.

Nightlife in Split

Riva Promenade is the center of activities with numerous cafes and restaurants.

Roof 68 Nightclub

Roof 68 nightclub is situated right on the seafront. Thus, it has a lovely view of the Riva and the harbor. You can even see the tower of St. Domnius Cathedral from there. Just check the following video and you will see what we mean.

Video of Nightlife in Split

As far as the entertainment is concerned if you go there you will have the opportunity to enjoy the electronic music from the DJs, wine, cocktails, and dancing of course.

Where to stay in Split during your luxury vacation

After a night on the town, it is time to have some rest in your villa and our travel bloggers chose one of our best villas in the Split area and that is the Luxury Villa IN for 9 guests.

Luxury Villa IN near Split

Just check the following photos and you will see how they enjoyed it.

Outside they relaxed in the shaded lounge area and the pool.

Villa IN Split Lounge Area

Ivona travel blogger enjoying the lounge area

Inside they watched TV, had cocktails in the modern open-space living area, and even played billiard.

Finally, they rested in the bedrooms and prepared to experience Split in the en-suite bathrooms.

Modern bedroom of Villa IN Split

Ivona in one of the modern bedrooms

As you can see from the photos, the villa is fully equipped and with lots of amenities like the Jacuzzi.

Kristijan pondering Should I stay or should I go next to the Jacuzzi

Split Beaches

After you have had your rest in your villa we recommend you continue with exploring Split beaches as our travel bloggers did.

Split beaches

Split beaches

Of course, there are many more, but our influencers visited the following beaches in Split this time: Bacvice, Ovcice, and Znjan. Here are some photos they took.

Bacvice and Ovcice are sandy beaches, while Znjan is a pebble beach.

Ovcice beach in Split

In case you get hungry Pizzeria La Famiglia with lovely decor is right next to the beach.

Pizzeria La Famiglia Split

Pizzeria La Famiglia

Should you get thirsty there are plenty of bar bars nearby: Cafe Tennis at Zenta, Sports Centre Bazen Zenta with pool, Beach bar History, and Mistral Beach Club on Znjan beach.

Mistral Beach Club Split

Mistral Beach Club on Znjan Beach

After a day of exploring the beaches, it is time to relax in a beach bar. Our travel bloggers chose Gooshter Beach Club which is located in Podstrana near Split next to the Le Meridien Lav Hotel.

Gooshter Beach Club

As we already mentioned this beach bar is ideal for relaxing in the afternoon hours after the beach.

Gooshter Beach

The beach bar has a trendy setting with cocktails. They offer meals as well.

The staff is super friendly.

Friendly staff Gooshter Beach Club

The friendly staff of Gooshter Beach Club

Regarding the design it has lots of shade which is the most important in summertime. There are also beach parasols available and a shaded lounge and dining area. Combined with the scent of the pine trees and tasty food and icecreams this is truly heaven!

Relaxing atmosphere Gooshter Beach Club

The relaxing atmosphere in the Gooshter Beach Club

Split sightseeing

For the next day of your luxury Split city break, we recommend sightseeing the Old Town and Marjan hill.

Marjan Hill

Climb Marjan Hill for the best view of Split.

Split at your palm

It is located just next to the Old town and there are a lot of stairs but the view is worth it. You can see not only Split but the surrounding islands Brac and Solta as well.

Panoramic view Split

Panoramic view from Marjan

For those who are discouraged by many stairs, you will be happy to read that Split Viewpoint is reachable by car as well.

Split Old Town

We recommend you start from the Riva promenade where you can buy a souvenir from your city break in Split.

Continue to the Cellars of the Diocletians' Palace because you haven't been to Split if you haven't seen the Diocletian Palace.

Split Sightseeing

From there exit to Peristil where you will see the Cathedral of St. Domnius, Egyptian sphinx, and Roman soldiers. You can even take a photo with them.

Vestibul is right next to it. There you can see the clear sky as there is no roof in this round building.

Prokurative is on the other side of the Riva where the Split music festival takes place each year.

Prokurative Split

Prokurative Split

Downtown you can see several famous statues as well like the statue of Marko Marulic, father of Croatian literature, and the Statue of Bishop Grgur Ninski. It is said that tapping his toe brings luck. This is why it is shiny! Both statues were made by famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.

Marko Marulic Statue

Marko Marulic Statue

Grgur Ninski is situated right next to the Zlatna Vrata - the Golden door to the palace. Roman soldiers guide it naturally as they once did in the times of the Diocletian Emperor. All people who wished to enter the palace were interrogated there and if soldiers were not happy with their answers they were not let in and even worse they were killed.

Golden Doors Split

Golden Doors Split

Near Zlatna Vrata there is the Game of Thrones Museum because part of this World famous series was filmed here. There is a guy who looks just like Tyrion Lannister there.

Split Game of Thrones Museum

Split Game of Thrones Museum

The narrow streets of the palace are enchanting. You can feel the history here. If you are lucky you might even participate in summer festivities on Marmont Street with music and costumed people parading showing their folklore clothing.

Marmontova Street Festivities

Marmont Street Festivities

To spice it all up in the evening our travel bloggers visited the Split Park Festival on Zvoncac with live music and food and drinks in the open all summer long.

Split Park Festival

Split Park Festival

Did you like our Luxury City Break Split suggestions? If yes, stay tuned and next week we take you to Hvar, one of the top tourist destinations in Croatia. Of course follow us on our new profile on Tiktok @vipholidaybooker for more adventures of our travel bloggers!

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