Luxury City Break near Vodice and Sibenik

Luxury City Break in Vodice and Sibenik

This week our influencers spent a luxury city break near Vodice and Sibenik. Join us on their adventure!

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Villa Red Hacienda

First, they settled in Villa Red Hacienda near Vodice.

This Mediterranean-style villa is situated on a large estate. Thus, privacy around the large pool is guaranteed.

Villa Red Hacienda Vodice Pool Party

Fun around the pool

Furthermore, the villa is surrounded by Mediterranean nature, grapes, rosemary, and olive trees.

Villa Red Hacienda Vodice Olive Grove

Our travel blogger in the olive grove

It is a large villa for 14 guests with a spacious outdoor area. There are several lounge areas outside.

Villa Red Hacienda Vodice Shaded Outdoor Lounge area

Shaded Outdoor Lounge area

Furthermore, outdoors you can also dine and prepare your meals at the stone grill.

Villa Red Hacienda Vodice Sibenik Tavern

Outdoor dining with a stone grill

The interior is a mix of modern amenities (such as large glass walls) with authentic Dalmatian stone walls and wooden beams on ceilings.

Villa Red Hacienda Vodice Sibenik Dining Room

Spacious dining room with a large table

The living area is also spacious. Some bedrooms have single beds, which is great in case you come in a group of friends or with children.

Villa Red Hacienda Vodice Sibenik Bedroom

Bedroom with single beds

After our travel bloggers settled in the villa, they visited Sibenik.

Sibenik sightseeing

Our travel bloggers started their sightseeing in front of the town library. It is a huge mansion next to a lovely Park called after the botanist Roberto de Visiani.


Roberto de Visiani's Park

In the park, you can see fountains and statues and relax on the benches during a hot summer day.

It spreads from Poljana where the library is to the waterfront and it is next to the Old town.

Sibenik Old Town

Cathedral of St. James

In the Old town, our travel bloggers visited the world-known Cathedral of St. James.

St. James Cathedral View from the Pelegrini restaurant

St. James' Cathedral is protected by UNESCO and it is famous because part of the Game of Thrones HBO series was filmed there, but also because it is a unique monument with 70 faces of people carved on the facade of the Cathedral. We have already written about it. Feel free to check the blog What to do on vacation in Sibenik if you are interested in the cathedral.

Statue of the boy with an umbrella

They also visited a few lesser-known sights in the Old Town like the Statue of the boy with an umbrella.

Statue Boy with an Umbrella Sibenik

Statue of the boy with an umbrella


From there, our travel bloggers went to the Aquarium. It is placed in a Dalmatian stone house also in the Old Town.

Sibenik Aquarium

Sibenik Aquarium

The exhibit includes about 20 aquarium tanks with tropical and Adriatic fish and plants.

Sibenik Aquarium tanks

Aquarium tank in Sibenik Aquarium

Then our travel bloggers took a small break from sightseeing and retreated to another park which is located downtown. That is the Mediterranean Monastery Garden of St. Lawrence with a fountain in the center and Mediterranean plants around it.

Mediterranean Garden of St. Lawrence Sibenik

Mediterranean Monastery Garden of St. Lawrence

There is a nice cafe there as well with a shaded outdoor terrace where you can rest and relax like these people.

Mediterranean Monastery Garden of St. Lawrence Cafe Sibenik

Cafe in the Mediterranean Monastery Garden of St. Lawrence

Duke's Palace

After they rested they continued sightseeing in the Duke's Palace. The Duke's Palace was the administrative center during Venetian rule. Today it hosts the Museum of the City of Sibenik.

Dukes Palace Sibenik

Duke's Palace

It lies next to the waterfront with a promenade and cafes. Artists also come here to paint.

Sibenik Waterfront Paintings

Waterfront Painting Stands

St. Michael's Fortress

After the Old town, they climbed to St. Michael's Fortress which is one of four fortresses Sibenik is known for.

St. Michael's Fortress

It was the first fortress in Sibenik and even King Petar Kresimir IV stayed there. It is located in the Old town but there are many stairs till you reach the fortress. On the other hand, the view from there is divine and you can see the whole of Sibenik on your palm.

St. Michael's Fortress View

View from the fortress

In summer different concerts take place here because the fortress turns into an open-air summer stage.

St. Michael's Fortress Sibenik

St. Michael's Fortress Open Air Stage

Feel free to check the official website of the fortress if you are interested in more details: Fortress of Culture Sibenik.

Banj Beach

After the sightseeing, they went to the beach. The beach they visited is Banj beach. It lies near the Old town and has a beautiful view of it. Check it below!

Beach Banj Sibenik

Old town view from Banj Beach

Banj beach is a pebble beach. There they also visited Petrus Beach Club and chilled at the after-beach party.

Petrus Beach Club Sibenik

Petrus Beach Club

After Sibenik, they visited Vodice and not one, but two restaurants. These restaurants are our recommendations for Vodice restaurants.

Where to eat in Vodice?

Tavern Mediterano in Vodice

This is a tavern with a beautiful terrace full of people. The location is central and the staff friendly.

Food is domestic and their forte is grilling, fish, steaks, and spaghetti. See for yourself in the video our influencers made:

Video made in Tavern Mediterano in Vodice

Tavern Cesarica in Vodice

Cesarica is a tavern situated at the waterfront. It was once an oil mill and today it is a restaurant that serves Dalmatian cuisine. The outdoor terrace is spacious and the interior is a mix of modern and traditional.

The atmosphere is friendly with a capella singing from the Dalmatian Klapa. See how our travel bloggers enjoyed themselves in the video they made there:

Vodice nightlife

After dining of course came partying. The first night they spent in Vodice downtown and listened to a concert and walked the vivid Vodice streets.

Vodice Vivid streets

Vivid streets of Vodice

The second night was more active when they went to the Hacienda club near Vodice and their villa.

See how they partied and other locations they visited and things they did during their Luxury City Break in Vodice and Sibenik in the following video:

Next week we take you to the island of Pasman. Feel free to like, share or comment on this blog.

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