Luxury Vacation on Pasman

Luxury vacation on Pasman island

The sea around the island of Pasman is crystal clear as the currents change every 6 hours. Your luxury vacation here will include sandy beaches, panoramic views, and luxury amenities. Check the luxury experience of our travel bloggers before you go.

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Where to stay on Pasman island?

The Palms Resort

This is a brand new resort that consists of 11 villas. There are 6 beachfront villas that can also be combined and rented together as duplex villas. Furthermore, there are 5 dream villas with a lovely sea view.

Each villa has a private beach cabana at the nearest beach. Perfect right?

The Palms Resort Pasman Beach Cabanas

Beach cabanas in front of The Palms Resort

Each villa also has a private heated pool.

The Palms Resort Pasman Heated Pool

Heated pool

The interior of the villas is modern.

The Palms Resort Pasman Modern Interior

Modern interior

As far as the amenities are concerned, the resort has an aquapark that its guests can use. They also have electric scooters which our travel bloggers used for exploring the island.

The Palms Resort Pasman Electric Scooter

Kristijan driving the electric scooter

Today we will present one of The Palms Resort Villas where our influencers stayed and that is The Palms Resort - Villa Dream I.

The Palms Resort - Villa Dream I

This villa is perfect for 4 guests as it includes 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

The Palms Resort Pasman Bedroom

One of the bedrooms

As we already mentioned, this villa like the other villas from the resort has a heated pool.

The Palms Resort Pasman At the Pool

At the pool

The interior is modern and there is an open-space living area with a sea view. See it for yourself in the video our travel bloggers made in the villa.


After they settled and rested came the time to explore the area.

What to do on Pasman island?

Pasman sights are situated around the island, some are even high on hilltops. Thus, you will need a ride for example electric scooter that our influencers used from the resort to get there, or you can parallelly experience some of the sports activities on the island like trekking, biking, or walking.

Without further due our travel bloggers visited the following sites.


Pustograd Pasman


This was a Byzantine fortress near Tkon which is now an archeological site.

It is situated on the hill and it includes a wonderful panoramic view of the sea and surrounding area.

Pustograd Pasman Views

Panoramic views

In past, it was used for protection against pirates. The inhabitants of the coastal settlements fled to the fortress when the danger came.

Today there is a hiking trail that leads to the fortress.

Benedictine Monastery of St. Cosmas and Damian

It is a Benedictine monastery where Zadar noblemen and clergy fled after Venetians destroyed their town.

Benedictine Monastery of St. Cosmas and Damian Pasman

Benedictine Monastery of St. Cosmas and Damian

The monastery lies on Cokovac hill and the view from there is also lovely.

OPG Matulic

It is located in the town of Pasman.

OPG Matulic

This family company sells original, natural cosmetics and food. They use island ingredients and give them original names such as Pasmanero, and Pasman Libre, which are inspired by the winter travels of the owners.

OPG Matulic Pasman

Products and interior

Beaches on Pasman island

During their vacation on Pasman, our travel bloggers naturally visited many beaches especially on the North side of the island from Tkon to Pasman settlements.

Most of these beaches are sandy with a shallow area which is great for a family vacation with kids.

Pasman beach sandy

Sandy beach

They also found water sports on the island. We already mentioned that the Palms resort includes an aquapark.

Pasman beach water sports

Water sports

Beaches are well maintained and with shade from the pine trees, but also from the parasols that are already there on some beaches.

Natural Shade Beach Pasman

Natural shade

Poljane beach in Tkon

Among many, we wish to highlight one and that is Poljane beach in Tkon.

Poljane Beach Pasman

Poljane Beach

It is popular among young people as an annual beach party takes place there at the end of July.

Where to eat on Pasman?

Restaurant Đardin in Tkon

This is a pizzeria and spaghetteria our tavel bloggers visited in Tkon. Their other specialties are beef burgers, BBQ ribs, and steaks.

Restaurant Dardin Tkon Pasman

Kristijan in Restaurant Dardin

Nightlife on Pasman

There are many choices and our influencers visited Ga-Ga Bar in Tkon. See how they enjoyed themselves and other activities they did during their luxury vacation on Pasman in the following video:

Destination Pasman Island

Did we interest you in visiting Pasman? If the answer is yes, feel free to contact us to help you organize a luxury vacation. Do not forget to tag @vipholidaybooker on Social media afterward or during your stay!

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