Luxury vacation in Istria

Luxury vacation in Istria

Thinking where to go on vacation this summer? Why not check what Istria has to offer? From untouched nature, charming towns, delicious local cuisine, rich history and excellent hospitality this Croatian region has all ingredients for a fabulous vacation!

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Istria is Croatia most western region and largest peninsula. It has over 500 kilometers of coast line that hides numerous bays and coves with crystal clear sea just waiting for you to discover them and dive in. 

Istrian coast

Inland of Istria is over 35 % covered with forest and almost every town is situated up on a hill surrounded with vineyards and olive trees.

Excellent network of highways and motorways, Istrian Y, crisscrossing the peninsula makes it easy to navigate through this beautiful region.

Also, having 3 international airports nearby, Trieste, Pula and Rijeka has made it a popular airline destination in the last couple of years.   

Towns in Istria that are worth a visit

If you are planning to visit Istria be sure not to miss cities like Porec, a charming place most famous for its UNESCO protected Euphrasian Basilica, Rovinj, a picture-postcard town surrounded from three side with sea that will mesmerize every visitor, to Pula, the largest town in Istria and home of the only Roman Amphitheater that have four side towers entirely preserved. 


Roman Amphitheater in Pula from

Also, Istrian inland is true undiscovered gem that is becoming more and more popular among travelers. Filled with charming medieval towns like Motovun or Buzet that sits on top of the hill overlooking fruitful Istrian land filled with vineyards and olive groves. 

Town of Motovun from

In Motovun International movie festival is being held every year at the end of July or beginning of August and while in Buzet be sure to visit world smallest town of Hum that according to last census had just 30 citizens. Buzet, being the center of Istrian truffle region is excellent destination to taste this world class delicacy. 

Istria nature parks

In Istria you will find several amazing places of untouched nature and unparalleled beauty.

Istrian countryside from

One such place, National park Brijuni is made of 14 small islands in front of the coast of Pula. If you visit Brijuni islands you will be able to see beautiful nature and wild life that roams freely. Lots of archeological treasures can be discovered on the islands. From Roman villa rustica to gothic Church of St. German from 1481. testify to long and rich history of the inhabitants on Brijuni islands. Also, on island there are dinosaur fossils from Cretaceous period that can be visited. 

Brijuni National Park from

Nature Park Ucka, named after the mountain it is located on and that dominates Istrian peninsula is special for its meadows rich with numerous endemic, endangered and protected plant and animal species. From its highest point, Vojak, you are able to see the whole Istraian peninsula, Kvarner island and even the Italian Alps. Ucka nature park is an ideal place for hiking enthusiast and nature lovers.   

 Nature Park Ucka from, author Ana-Marija V. B.

Lim Bay is a protected marine reserve located near Vrsar. Although, waters of Lim bay reach only 13 kilometers inland this sunken karst valley extends all the way to town of Pazin and creates more larger Lim Cove. The total length of Lim Bay and its land extension is some 35 kilometers long. Lim Bay is famous for its shellfish farms and lots of restaurants along Istrian coast is serving excellent dishes from shells from Lim Bay. 

Lim Bay from, author Aconcagua (talk)

Where to stay when vacationing in Istria?

Luxury Villa La Bellissima with Pool

This magnificent 5-star villa with a royal-like sea view is situated near Vrsar and overlooking the Lim Bay this villa is perfect for indulgence in privacy, far away from curious glances. 


Luxury Villa La Bellissima with Pool 

Once you reach this 3780m2 large property you will be amazed by its beauty. Luxury vacation home boasts 5 luxury bedrooms and sleeps up to 10 persons. The modern interior as well the exterior of the villa will surely leave you breathless. 

Luxury Villa La Bellissima with Pool

Luxury Villa Majestic with Pool


Luxury Villa Majestic with Pool 

Luxury Villa Majestic is an ideal choice for all looking to spend a peaceful vacation surrounded with every luxury imaginable. This beautiful modern villa for 10 people sits on the slope of a quiet peninsula near tourist town Rabac and offers unforgettable view of the protected bay.

Luxury Villa Majestic with Pool

Villa Terra Verde with Pool

Villa Terra Verde with Pool 

Nicely tucked away in Rovinj hinterland this villa can luxuriously accommodate up to 10 guests. Villa Terra Verde has panoramic views of the green valley and hills of Istrian inland and though, a bit remote, it is within a short drive to the village center and grocery shops. 


Villa Terra Verde with Pool

Luxury Villa Titanium with Pool

Luxury Villa Titanium with Pool 

Luxury Villa Titanium is placed near Porec in the middle of the verdant environment offering peace and complete privacy. This 5-star villa with heated pool sits on a 1000 mproperty and can accommodate up to 10 guests. 

Luxury Villa Titanium with Pool 

Luxury Villa Euphoria with Pool


Luxury Villa Euphoria with Pool 

With 3 heated pools, a sauna and billiards Luxury Villa Euphoria is a perfect choice for a relaxing holiday in Istria. This spacious 5-star villa is a splendid piece of architecture, in the vicinity of town Rovinj and it is an ideal accommodation for 12 guests.  

Luxury Villa Euphoria with Pool 

Energy Villas Complex


Energy Villas Complex 

Villas complex consists of 3 private villas in Central Istria and it can accommodate up to 34 guests at a time. It is a perfect choice for large groups. Several families traveling together or travelers on a special themed trip to Croatia here will feel comfortable and have fun. This complex near Pula is the perfect place to hold a private party or a wedding celebration. 

Energy Villas Complex

The complex of 3 private villas is located on a large property of 11,000 m2. Property includes a private forest with beautiful trails and benches for relaxing in nature. Next, here you will find a golf pitch, a volleyball court, a bocce (petanque) court and a badminton court.

Energy Villas Complex

What to do on vacation in Istria?  

If you would like to stay active during your vacation you will find that Istria has lots of well-maintained cycling and hiking routes. One of cycling routes with most beautiful scenery is surely route Flanatica. 

Cycling route from

This, 35 kilometers long route runs through amazing Istrian inland and offers magnificent scenery for all that are cycling on it. Astonishing sea views form high points can be observed also. For a full adrenaline experience few adrenaline parks can be found in Istria. Offering an ultimate experience to all that dares to try out their courses. Different difficulty levels, from children appropriate courses to trails suited for hardened veterans of adrenaline fused vacation, allows everyone to partake in these kinds of activities. 

Paragliding from

For true adrenaline seekers in Glavani Adrenaline Park One of the toughest trails is Devil`s passage in Glavani Adrenaline Park near Vodnjan. The course consists of 120 meters long zip line (highest part of zip line is 20 meters above the ground) and then follows the most demanding part, suspension bridge with a unicycle.

After an all-day filled with various activities or exploring this beautiful Croatian region you are surely famished. Here are couple of Istrian delicacy you could try. 

What are the traditional Istrian dishes you should try?

It is not a complete vacation if you do not experience Istrian cuisine and wines. 

Truffles, from by Arnie Papp

World famous Istrian delicacy is surely the truffles. Both kind of truffle, white and the black, can be found in Istria. Truffle season is between September and December but products from it can be tasted year-round. Look for restaurants and taverns with the sign “Tartufo vero” which means that they are recognized as places where this delicacy and guest is treated with respect. 


Pasta with truffles from

Mussels are found locally which means that they are fresh and are often prepared “on buzara” (gently cooked in white wine, olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs). Also, they can be grilled and served au gratin. As mentioned before best mussels in Istria are farmed in Lim Bay.

Mussels from

Fritaja is a Istrian dish similar to omelet. What sets this dish apart from classic omelet are ingredient that are added to mixed eggs. So you have Fritaja made for eggs and mushrooms or ham and even with bacon. But especially delicious Fritaja is made with fresh asparagus and spring onions. For tasting this delicious dish, you will have to visit Istria in the spring when fresh asparagus can be found. 

Fritaja from, author TICKoper

Supa is old traditional dish that is prepared in Istrian houses for centuries. Nowadays this interesting dish is a bit harder to find on the menu. To prepare true Istrian Supa you will need a ceramic jug in which you add olive oil, sugar and black pepper. You than pour war red wine over the ingredients and add slightly overtoasted bread into mixture. This traditional Istrian dish is often considered as a true Istrian comfort food. 

Manestra from

Manestra was the main dish in Istrian households in the past. This dish originated from necessity and frugality of Istrian housewife's. Since food was scarce in the past almost everything that was eatable in the house was put in the pot and cooked. In this way rich and hearty dish was provided at minimum cost. The base of Istrian Manestra is boiled potatoes and beans. Corn is also added along with various vegetables.  Although the ingredients are suited for vegetarians, Manestra is often prepared with bits of cooked dried meat to add to the flavor.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog about Istria and that you will choose to visit this beautiful region soon. Be sure to write us back about your dream vacation in Istria.

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