Luxury vacation in Omis

Luxury Vacation in Omis

Omis is a lovely small, Mediterranean town with plenty of activities and perfect beaches. Furthermore, its history is rich because once this city was the center of the pirates. Read this post and find out all about a luxury vacation in Omis.

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First, we will tell you what to do in Omis and about its beaches and events. Then we will give you recommendations on villas in Omis. Finally, we will end this post with our tips for activities in the area. Thus, let us begin.

What to do in Omis?

There are two fortresses above Omis and we recommend you to visit them both.

Fortress Mirabela

Of the two fortresses above Omis, this one is more accessible. Actually, you can reach it from the Old Town. Just take the street that passes by the Church of St. Spirit and go up the hill.

Steps to Mirabela Omis

Steps to Mirabela Fortress

The view from it is splendid. You can see the city, the sea and the island of Brac. In the past, it was used to alert the inhabitants of the foes.

View from Mirabela Fortress Omis

View from Mirabela

Fortress Fortica

Omis Fortica

Fortress Fortica

Larisa Uhryn

Fortress Fortica is a bit further away and more difficult to reach, but it is definitely worth it. The easiest way to reach it is to take to the road from the Old Prerada Factory in the Eastern part of the city and proceed up toward the fortress. The road is curvy and then you have to take a well-marked forest path on foot. It takes about one hour to reach it.

View from Fortica Omis

View from Fortica Sergei Gussev

As well as from Mirabela there is an excellent view of the area from the fortress. The view is even better because Fortica is situated higher. In the past, it was used as a lookout and no one could approach the city from any direction and avoid being seen from the Fortica. This is why Omis was never taken by the enemies over the centuries.

This fortress was also used as a place of refuge for the inhabitants and there was a plan if Omis was ever taken by the foes, to throw large stone blocks on the city. Luckily for Omis, that never happened.

Beaches in and around Omis

As we already mentioned Omis and its area have great beaches.

Thus, you will find long sandy beaches there with lots of activities and secluded pebble beaches with natural shade.

Gradska beach

Gradska Beach Omis

Gradska beach Omis

Gradska beach in Omis is one of those beautiful sandy beaches. There is also another one worth mentioning and that is the sandy beach in Duce.

Duce Sandy Beach Omis

Sandy Beach Duce Omis

Shade is not so thick in Omis and Duce but you will find plenty of cafes where you can hide from the summer sun. Furthermore, you will also find beach bars for evening entertainment there: Shooko Beach Bar in Duce and Eol Rooftop Bar in Omis.

Duce is a neighboring village to Omis in the direction of Split. Towards Split, there are other lovely pebble beaches in Dugi Rat and Krilo. All of them are easily accessible. Parking could be difficult to find especially in the summer season. Therefore, we recommend you arrive early.

Beach in Lokva Rogoznica

Beach in Lokva Rogoznica

On the other side towards Makarska, you will also find great pebble beaches. They are not so long or crowded but offer plenty of natural shade from the pine forest and privacy. Some of them are: Brzet, Nemira, Stanici, Lokva Rogoznica, Medici, Marusici, and Pisak.

Events in Omis

Dalmatia Ultra Trail Race

Omis Mountain

Omis mountain

This year it will take place from October 15 2021 to Oct 17, 2021. This is a race during which you will visit five mountains: Biokovo, Mosor, Omiska Dinara, Primorska Kosa, and Kozjak.

Cetina River

Cetina River

In case you participate you will also see three rivers - Cetina, Zrnovnica, and Jadro. There is something for history lovers as well because it passes by fortresses like Fortica in Omis and Klis fortress and remains of the Salona Roman city.

Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress

The event starts in Omis and this is their official page if you are interested: Dalmatia Ultra Trail.

Festival of Dalmatian Klapa Omis

The event takes place in the Old Town in July every year and lasts for 4 weeks. Actually, this is the festival of Dalmatian Klapa music. Klapa music is authentic a capella singing protected by UNESCO.

Omis Old Town

Omis Old Town

This year it was its 55th edition. See how it was on their official website: Festival of Dalmatian Klapa Omis.

Pirate battle

This is an event that celebrates this town's glorious pirate history. In the 12th and 13th centuries, pirates from Omis ruled the sea from Omis to Dubrovnik. Each ship that wanted to pass had to pay the toll or they were attacked.

This is a remake of one of those battles from the 13th century. It takes place in mid-August each summer. The exact date is August 18th and the location is the port of Omis.

Should you visit you will see the clash of two large sailboats with cannons and pistols, swords, and sea plunges. The battle is between the Omis pirates and the Venetians which were their greatest enemies.

Villas in Omis

Villa Castellum

This is a beachfront castle villa for a fairytale vacation. Just check the photo and you will understand what we mean.

Villa Castellum Omis

Villa Castellum Omis

The renovated castle includes great sea views and outdoor dining in the pine forest.

Villa Castellum Omis Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining

As far as the interior is concerned it is a combination of luxurious and modern design. There are 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms in the villa and a professional kitchen.

Villa Castellum Omis Interior

Interior of the villa

For relaxation moments you will surely enjoy a Jacuzzi and sauna.

Did you like our Luxury Villa Castellum? If, for some reason, you did not find what you are looking for feel free to check our other villas in the Omis area.

Active vacation in Omis

Omis is just perfect for an active vacation because it has it all nearby. Thus, you can go and enjoy water sports at sea and mountain sports in the background. To top it all, the Cetina River runs nearby and its delta is in the town of Omis. Therefore, there is a number of activities you can try in and near Omis. Let's start with rafting.

Rafting on Cetina

Cetina River Omis

Cetina River Canyon

Rafting is for all, even children. Adrenaline seekers will take a different route over whitewater rapids. It lasts for 3 to 4 hours depending on your speed and ends in Radmanove Mills. Several restaurants are there with the playground which is useful in case you come with kids.

Cetina Rapids

Cetina Small Rapids

There are different routes for kayak paddling as well.

Kayaking on Cetina

Free climbing

Furthermore, there are many options for free climbing in the Cetina Canyon near the town center.


There is even a zipline over the canyon. It takes 3 hours, the cable is 2 km long and at places, cables are 100m above the ground.

Hiking and trekking trails

Numerous hiking and trekking trails are on the mountain. Dinara and Mosor are two mountains that are nearby.


Sandy beaches on the Riviera are just perfect for windsurfing or relaxation while renting pedal boats.

Pedal Boats Duce Omis

Pedal Boat in Duce near Omis

Scuba diving

For those who like scuba diving, there is a shipwreck in the sea near Omis.

The cove of Vruja is also nearby, but only for experienced divers. It is a freshwater source with plenty of fish. The dives go to 100m, but the actual depth is still not determined. The legend says there is a sunken treasure city at the bottom, but do not go alone to seek it!

If you need help with the organization of any activity feel free to contact our Vip Concierge department.

Since we have already written about the active vacation in Omis, for details feel free to check the blog Active holidays in Omis Riviera in Croatia.

Omis by night

Omis by night

For all these reasons, Omis is our warm recommendation for a luxury vacation. Visit it next summer, relax on the sandy beaches, climb the mountain, and go rafting on the Cetina River. No matter what you decide to do, we are sure you will enjoy it!

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