Old Town of Trogir - Place you should Visit on Vacation in Trogir

The Top 7 things to do on Vacation in Trogir

Trogir is a small, romantic and historic town under UNESCO's protection with plenty of things to do if you choose it for your holiday destination. If you are still having doubts about whether to choose Trogir for your holiday destination, after reading this blog we are sure you will visit Trogir and enjoy your vacation there.

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Sightseeing in Trogir

Trogir's Cathedral

Let's start with sightseeing. In the Old Town, we recommend you to visit Trogir's Cathedral with its exquisite, Romanesque doors made by Master Radovan. You do not need to be an art historian to notice the beauty and the value of this masterpiece.

Trogir Cathedral Archway

Photo of the Trogir’s Cathedral Archway from pixabay.com

Furthermore, view from the Tower Bell is a special treat. You can climb it for a small fee (it is included in the entry to the Cathedral). It is a bit narrow to climb the steps but from the top, you can see the whole area and that is really exquisite.

View from the Tower Bell of the Trogir Cathedral

View from the Tower Bell in the Trogir Cathedral by pixabay.com

Kamerlengo fortress

Kamerlengo fortress is our second choice for sightseeing in Trogir. It is a historic fortress and a castle with another grand view. Once upon a time, it served as housing for the Venetian military troops. During the summer many tourist events take place inside. Feel free to check the schedule at the official website of the Trogir Tourist Board.

Kamerlengo Fortress in Trogir

Photo of the Kamerlengo Fortress from pixabay.com

Cippiko palace

Finally, Cippiko palace is also worth a visit. It is situated just opposite the Trogir Cathedral and it has beautiful windows.All these culture sites are situated downtown and that is where you will find the best restaurants in Trogir as well.

Where to eat in Trogir?

We have already written about The 5 Best Restaurants in Trogir. Although this blog was written a couple of months ago, these are still the best restaurants in Trogir so freely use them as our recommendations.

Vanjaka Resturant in Trogir

Number 1 restaurant in Trogir according to Tripadvisor the Vanjaka Restaurant. Source Facebook.com/RestaurantVanjaka

One day trips from Trogir

Sightseeing of Split

Regarding the one day trips from Trogir first, we recommend you to visit Split, the center of the region and the largest city in Dalmatia with plenty of activities from sightseeing to excellent restaurants and activity and different tours.

Split Croatia from the air

Photo of Split from the air

Medena beach near the hotel Medena

Also worth a visit especially if you are having a family holiday with kids is the Medena beach near hotel Medena with plenty of beach and entertainment activities for the whole family.

Ethno eco-village Škopljanci Radošić

And finally, something different to recommend is the Ethno eco-village Škopljanci in Radosic which is near Trogir, but totally different from the sea destination as it is situated in the hinterland. There you can see The Dalmatian hinterland village as it once was and also enjoy the wonderful nature around you.

Ethno eco-village Skopljanci Radosic

Greeting card of the Škopljanci, photo from facebook.com/EtnoEkoSeloSkopljanci

Where to stay on vacation in Trogir area?

Regarding luxury lodging, our agency has a great offer of Villas in Trogir. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact our VIP Personal Assistants.

Luxury Villa White Pearl near Trogir

Luxury Villa White Pearl near Trogir

Ciovo Beaches

Few of these villas are situated on the island of Ciovo, which you can visit by taxi boat from Trogir. There we recommend you to stay on a one day trip and explore Ciovo beaches. If you wish to know more about the beaches on Ciovo in this blog you will find out what are the Top 4 beaches on the island of Ciovo.

Ciovo from the air

Ciovo from the air, source: commons.wikimedia.org by Nick Savchenko

Finally, we wish you the best summer vacation in Trogir. Tell us all about it after your return. We can always add a few more sights or adventure tours if you would like to share some with us.

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