Luxury Vacation in Rovinj Weekend Media Festival 2021

Weekend Media Festival - Luxury Vacation in Rovinj, Croatia

Weekend media festival is the first regional and annual festival of the media industry. For years it was the most popular event in Rovinj. Last year it was not held due to the pandemics and we are happy to announce that this year it will return to Rovinj.

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This is the 14th edition of the Weekend Media Festival and as usual, it will bring news from the media industry.

It will be held from 23.9.-26.9. in the Old Tobacco Factory in Rovinj. This year besides the fee you will also have to have a Covid vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test to enter.

As always there will be interesting lectures, panels, and concerts. You can find more info about the programme on their official website Weekend Media Festival.

Weekend Media Festival (Youtube)

Where to stay in Rovinj during Weekend Media Festival 2021?

If you are looking to combine your work and a well-deserved vacation, we highly recommend checking our selection of luxury villas in the Rovinj area. Selected villas are ideal for a luxurious holiday while visiting the Weekend Media Festival and they are still available.

Villa Josephine with Pool

Beautiful Villa Josephine with Pool is an ideal choice for all looking to experience rural Istrian countryside but with a modern twist.

Villa Josephine PorecVilla Josephine Porec

Spreading on a plot of 1000 m2 this Istrian countryside villa offers to its guests a chance to rest and recuperate surrounded by nothing but the sound of nature and rural life.

Villa Josephine Porec Terrace

The terrace of Villa Josephine

A large terrace with a sizable pool is ideal for lazy afternoons or socializing in the evening.

Villa Providenza

Villa Providenza Rovinj

Villa Providenza Rovinj

Villa Terra Nostra

Villa Terra Nostra Rovinj

Villa Terra Nostra Rovinj

These two villas are a part of a 4 villa complex, but still, each can offer you the privacy of your own villa.

We have already written about this villa complex in our blog: Luxury Vacation in Central Istria. Thus, check it if you are interested to learn more about Villa Providenza and Villa Terra Nostra that are situated in Kanfanar near Rovinj.

Luxury Villa La Bellissima with Pool

This is a 5-star villa for a royal holiday. It can accommodate 10 guests and it is situated on a large estate. Just check this aerial photo of the villa and you will see what we mean.

Villa La Bellissima Istria

Aerial view of Villa La Bellissima Istria

As you can see at the photo this villa includes privacy and it is situated near the sea. Villa also includes an infinity pool that can be heated as well.

Villa La Bellissima Pool and Indoor Jacuzzi

The pool and indoor Jacuzzi

Concerning amenities, it includes a home cinema, gym, sauna, and Jacuzzi. Thus, everything for a royal vacation!

Of course, these were just our recommendations for Rovinj Villas. Check our website for more tips!

Since Weekend Media Festival is not the only reason why you should visit Rovinj we will continue this blog with other benefits of spending a luxury vacation in Rovinj regardless of the Weekend.

What are the best day trips from Rovinj?

Rovinj is situated on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula and it is easily reachable from western Europe. Furthermore, it is great as a base for one-day trips around the Istrian peninsula. Regarding the day trips from Rovinj, we can recommend you a day trip to Pula, or a boat trip to Brijuni islands or Lime bay (this is a boat ride along the north shores of Rovinj with swim stops).

Lime Bay

Lime bay

As far as the boat tours are concerned you can also go dolphin watching as there are many dolphins in the area.

We have already written about a luxury vacation in Pula and the National Park Brijuni. Feel free to check the blogs if you are interested in these destinations.

Pula Day trip from Rovinj

Day trip from Rovinj to Pula

What to do in Rovinj?

On the other hand, there is a lot to do in Rovinj as well.

Rovinj Old Town

In fact, Rovinj has the status of the most romantic town in Croatia with cobbled streets and houses in multiple colors. The Church of St. Euphemia is situated at the top of the hill in the Old Town. We recommend you climb the bell tower for views and selfies. Actually, this is one of the most photographed areas in Croatia. Check the photo below and you will understand why.

Rovinj Old town

Rovinj by night by Paula Borkovic from

For those interested in history we recommend the Batana Eco-Museum. Batana is the traditional boat from the area. You can even book a tour on them and ride around the Old town.

Beaches of Rovinj

South of the Old town, there is the Lone bay with the pebble beach where you can catch the most romantic sunsets.

Lone bay beach Rovinj

Lone Bay beach by Tim Ertl from

There you will also find Mulini beach with the trendy beach bar.

Regarding the other beaches, there are the beaches of the Nature park Golden Cape forest. The park is situated nearby and there you can cycle, walk or as we already mentioned swim.

Nature park Golden Cape forest

Nature park Golden Cape forest by Mateusz Kamiński from

Where to eat and drink in Rovinj?

As far as the fine dining is concerned, our recommendation goes to the Monte Restaurant - the first Michelin star restaurant in Croatia with fresh ingredients, professional staff, and exquisite meals.

Meal presentation Monte Restaurant

Meal presentation

Monte Restaurant

For drinks and entertainment, we can suggest several places:

  • We already mentioned the Mulini Beach Bar which is a trendy place with DJ music all day long.
  • The other is the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj’s bar. This is the place with the best view of the Old town.
  • Finally, there is the Adriatic Hotel with the best OId Town location and terrace.

Wine and Olive tasting

Hedonists should go wine or olive oil tasting to local wineries and farms in the hinterland. As you probably know, Istrian olive oil is the best in Croatia. For wine tasting, we can recommend Relais and Winery San Tommaso.

Olive oil and wine tasting in Istria

Olive oil and wine tasting in Istria

Active vacation in Rovinj

Like many other destinations in Istria, Rovinj also has many bike trails. Thus, if you enjoy the active vacation we recommend you to take a bike tour to the nearby area.

For example, the Limes trail is an approximately 40km cycling route which is perfect for those who are looking for an active vacation. Along the way, you will see the historic sites and enjoy the great views.

Limes Bike Trail

Limes Bike Trail from Google Maps

Sailing activity

You can also go sailing and explore the small islets of the Rovinj archipelago which consist of 14 islands just waiting for you to discover. The Red island there is popular for swimming. View of the Rovinj archipelago

View of the Rovinj islands from

Diving around Rovinj

Finally, you can go diving as there are well-preserved shipwrecks in the area like the Baron Gautsch site. It is near the shore of Rovinj and one of the local diving centers will take you to the exact location. Our VIP Concierge Department helps all our guests with tour bookings if necessary.

Baron Gautsch Diving Rovinj

Baron Gautsch Diving Site Rovinj by Martin Wippel from

We hope you liked our suggestions for a luxury vacation in Rovinj and that you will visit it. But first, we recommend you to enjoy a team-building trip to Rovinj with your colleagues during the Weekend Media Festival. Hear and see the news from the media industry, but also do not forget to have fun at the after-parties!

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