Wings for LIfe Run in Zadar, Croatia

Wings for Life World Run in Zadar, Croatia

Wings for Life World Run is a running competition held on the first weekend of May. Everything started in 2014 with one goal only - to find the cure for spinal cord injuries. The run takes place in 34 or 35 locations around the world at the same time, among which in the Croatian city of Zadar.

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About Zadar

This beautiful East Adriatic coastal city is rich in history, natural beauty and is well known for its magical sunsets. The Zadar region has an amazing geographical position, it's located in the center of Dalmatia and is surrounded by nature of great variety.

Zadar City Center - Panoramic View

Panoramic view of the Zadar City Center, Source: Wikimedia Commons

The city of Zadar is easily reachable by land, sea, and air. It has a good traffic infrastructure through which it is directly connected to other European cities.

Sea Organ on the Riva from Zadar

Sea Organ and Sun Salutation on Zadar's Riva, Source: Wikimedia Commons

The ferry port as well as the new tourist port for cruisers are located some 3 kilometers away from the center. Finally, the airport is approximately 10 kilometers away from the centre, and connects Zadar with the European capitals.

Sunset in ZadarA stunning sunset in Zadar, Source: Wikimedia Commons

About Wings for Life

Wings for Life World Run is an inspiring and spectacular event that brings millions of people from all over the world together. The Wings for Life World race has a humanitarian character. “Running for those who can’t” is the motto of this race, which is held every year and starts at the same time in the whole world.

Wings for Life Run Participants

Wings for Life Run participants in Zadar, source:Croatian Tourist Board

100 percent of every entry fee goes directly to the Wings for Life foundation, which is a not-for-profit organization that funds scientific research aimed at finding a cure for spinal cord injury. You run with thousands of people around the world at the exact same time. You run as far as you can. And the most important thing is that you'll be doing all that running not only for yourself but for a good cause.

Run in Zadar

5000 is the number of participants in the Wings for Life World Run race who will return to Zadar this year and run, walk or push themselves for the noble goal on the beautiful Adriatic coast.

Runners on Zadar during the Wings for Life Run

Getting prepared for the start

On the first Sunday in May, Zadar will be flooded with race participants and apart from the sports equipment and the starting number, you can recognize them by their smiles!

Runners smiling during Wings for Likfe Run in Zadar

Runners smiling

It is a smile that triggers an avalanche of others, as many as 5,000 of them. This race is fun, different, has a world character, and a noble goal! That's why a smile is guaranteed.

Run for those who can't

Running for those who can't

How to participate

This year Wings for Life World Run is returning to eight official locations around the world, and one more time Zadar has taken its place on the list! Allow me to point out that Zadar is known as one of the most beautiful locations in which you can participate.

There are three possible ways to participate in the race:

  • official race in Zadar,
  • individual race or
  • organized race via the app.

Participants at the Wings for Life Run in Zadar

The participants

All participants around the world will start precisely at 11:00 am. The number of places in Zadar this year is limited to 5,000. Do you want to be one of those who will once again experience the most beautiful first Sunday in May in Zadar, who will experience many emotions in the crowd and participate with amazing people in the most wonderful atmosphere?

Great atmosphere at the Wings for Life Run in Zadar

Happy people running for a good cause, source: Antena Zadar

Hanging out

On the 8th of May throughout the city, you can see groups of people preparing to start the race. Even when you step into the starting zone you will hear familiar voices and music that will make you move until you wait for the start which is, all over the world at the same time, and in Croatia at 11:00 a.m.

Run with friends

Running in a good company

And during the race? There is no house or person who won't come out to greet the participants. Tears and smiles will accompany you and you will often find water and tables rich with delicacies prepared by the local inhabitants.

Inhabitants cheering for the participants

Zadar's inhabitants encouraging the runners

After the race, swimming in the most beautiful sea is a great option, and in the center of Zadar, good fun awaits you!

How does the race work?

30 minutes after the start, the Virtual Catcher Car will begin to chase you via the App, picking up speed as the race continues. If you manage to stay in front of the car, you'll stay in the race. Then, when the Catcher Car passes you, your race is over.

At the end of the Wings for Life Run in Zadar

Proud runners at the end of the race

There is no finish line in this race, so you run the distance you want and can run. You decide on your goal, and there is even a goal calculator that will tell you exactly how fast you need to run before you are overtaken by an interceptor vehicle.

Wings for Life Run App

Wings for Life App

Where to stay during the race in Zadar

If you decide to support this wonderful humanitarian action we recommend staying in this beautiful villa near Zadar.

Villa Vagabundo with Pool

Villa Vagabundo near Zadar

The pool area of the Villa Vagabundo near Zadar

Villa Vagabundo is situated only one kilometer from the sea and is an excellent base for those who want to explore the Zadar region. Just imagine relaxing by the pool with your friends after a good run.

Luxury Villa Domino with Heated pool

For those who decide to participate in this race and also spend a couple of relaxing days near Zadar with their family or friends, Luxury Villa Domino is a great choice.

Luxury Villa Domino with Heated Pool near Zadar

Luxury Villa Domino

This villa has a pool with a heating option which makes it particularly attractive in May when the Wings for Life is taking place.

Pool in the Luxury Villa Domino near ZadarBeautiful pool with a heating option

The modern and stylish mansion can accommodate up to eight guests in four comfortable bedrooms. Can you think of anything better than waking up with the view of the crystal clear Adriatic sea?

View from the bedroom of the Luxury Villa Domino near Zadar

Sea view from the bedroom

Don’t forget, however you participate, you are doing a good deed. You are helping to find a cure for spinal cord injuries and that those who participate in wheelchairs today will one day run side by side with other runners.

We hope we inspired you to participate in this amazing humanitarian event and to visit the beautiful Zadar region.

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