Bicycle Routes in Istria Medulin Riviera

Bicycle Routes in Istria, Medulin Riviera

We have already written about the Parenzana bike route in Istria. Today we present you with another bike route in Istria which is located in the South of the Istrian peninsula and it is called the Medulin Riviera bicycle route. Basically, it goes through Medulin, Banjole, and Premantura.

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As its name suggests starting point is town Medulin and for the most part, it follows the shoreline of Medulin Bay.

Medulin Istria Croatia

The town of Medulin from

Characteristics of the route

It is a 51,5 kilometers long route comprised of 41,5 kilometers of macadam and 10 kilometers of asphalt road.

The difficulty level is medium so it is suitable for almost all bicycling lovers. Just make sure you take lots of stops for rest and rehydration.

Sights on the route

At the very beginning of this bicycle route, you will come across the church of St. Agnes that is the only church in the whole of Istria that has two bell towers.

Church of St. Agnes, Medulin

Church of St. Agnes, Medulin


The route will take you further to the small fishing village of Vinkuran which is most famous for its stone quarry, Cave Romane. From this quarry, stone for the famous Amphitheater in Pula was extracted.

Amphitheater in Pula

Amphitheater in Pula

Nowadays because of its excellent acoustic features, it is used as a stage for summer concerts. Also, during summer art colony for sculptors is organized in the quarry.

Pjescana Uvala

Next on the repertoire of this amazing route is Pjescana Uvala (Sandy Bay) where you can rest and refresh in one of many restaurants and bars or take a swim in the crystal blue sea.

Pjescana uvala

Pjescana uvala from by nikola_pu

Park forest Soline

Park forest Soline is the ideal place to take refuge from the sun and take an educational trail that tells the story of this protected forest. Bicycling further a magnificent view of the whole Medulin archipelago is revealed.

Following this route, you will come across untouched nature, possibly a deer or two, lots of hidden bays, and mesmerizing views over the Porer lighthouse and Fenoliga island.


Porer Lighthouse by m.prinke

Premantura and Pomer

Intoxicated with spectacular views and fascinating nature do not forget to stop by at Premantura and Pomer, two small villages that are inhabited since the bronze age. Even old Romans preferred this location so they build their villas and thermal baths which ruins can be observed even today in Archeological Park Vizula.

Pomer Medulin


Clemens Stockner

Slowly we are coming to the end of our exciting route and we hope you have enjoyed it and that you are already making plans to experience it in person. To complete the amazing experience of this part of Istria be sure to check some of the villas that are situated near the bicycle route which makes them an ideal starting point for your south Istrian bicycle adventure.

Villas near Medulin

Villa Artemis in Pula

Villa Artemis is a modern 5-star villa for 8 guests with 4 bedrooms.

Luxury Villa Artemis Pula

Luxury Villa Artemis in Pula

It is situated on an enclosed property and it includes a Mediterranean garden. The surrounding area is large which is great if you are looking for privacy on your vacation.

The outdoors also includes a heated, infinity pool and alfresco lounge corner.

The interior of the villa is modern. It is a three-floor mansion with a rooftop terrace where you will find a Jacuzzi for relaxation with a view of greenery. There is even a sea view!

Villa Artemis Pula Jacuzzi

Rooftop Jacuzzi with a view

Other amenities include a summer house with a barbecue, fitness, and a wine cellar.

Villa Artemis Pula Summer Kitchen

Summer kitchen with a wine cellar

Villa Costanea in Medulin

Luxury Villa Costanea Medulin

Luxury Villa Costanea Medulin

This is a luxury villa with a great sea view.

Furthermore, it is a pet-friendly villa if you plan to arrive to your vacation with your pet. Outdoor you will find a large garden and a barbecue.

Villa Costanea Medulin Garden


The interior is stylish and it includes 4 bedrooms all with an en-suite bathroom.

As far as the amenities are concerned there is also a fitness room and sauna in the villa, and a Jacuzzi that has an amazing view.

Villa Costanea Medulin Jacuzzi

Romantic Jacuzzi

Villa Grandiosa in Pula

Our final choice for this blog is another modern villa in Pula. It is luxurious and it includes a pool that has a heating possibility.

Villa Grandiosa Pula

Villa Grandiosa Pula

This villa can be booked together with the neighboring villa Graziosa if you plan to arrive in a larger group. Actually, these two villas share a tennis and basketball court if you like to practise sports on your vacation.

Villa Grandiosa Pula Tennis and basketball court

Tennis and basketball court

There is also a billiard, and table soccer for your entertainment.

The interior is modern and it includes 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The living area includes a fireplace for cozy evenings even outside the main season.

Villa Grandiosa Pula Interior

Interior of the Villa

Regarding its surroundings, this villa is situated in a quiet suburb, but it is still near Pula. The estate is fenced and spacious.

Other amenities of this villa are a hot sauna and a summer kitchen with a dining area.

Restaurant recommendations in Medulin

We gave you activities, sights, and where to stay during your luxury vacation in Medulin, but you need one more thing to make your holiday complete and that is where to eat.

Salt & Pepper Restaurant

This is the place where Balkan cuisine meets the Mediterranean. Their specialty is barbecue, from meat steaks to burgers and fish dishes.

Salt and Pepper Restaurant Medulin

Balkan Burger at Salt & Pepper Restaurant

Make sure to book in advance if you plan to eat there.

Restaurant Malin

Malin means windmill and it is named after this symbol of Medulin.

They use local and seasonal ingredients and traditional Istrian cuisine recipes and add a modern twist to the meals.

Their sommelier, who worked in a Michelin star restaurant prior to being one of the owners of this restaurant, will help you with the wines and pair them with the dishes you eat.

The location of the restaurant is central and you can book online.

Restaurant Malin Medulin

Calamari at Restaurant Malin Medulin

We hope you liked our blog about the Medulin Riviera bike route in Istria. If you did, do not hesitate to tell us so in comments or on social media, and feel free to give us suggestions for the next bike routes in Istria you wish us to write about.

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