Istria Culinary experience

Istria Culinary experience

In one of our previous blogs, we have written about Istrian cuisine and what it can offer with an emphasis on dishes that are usually prepared during Spring. We also stated that Istrian cuisine is based on seasonal ingredients so the whole culinary experience of Istria depends on the time of year you visit this region.

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Seafood in Istria

In this blog, we`ll be writing about Istrian cuisine with an emphasis on the fruits of the sea.

Marinated Seafood plateMarinated Seafood plate

Like in almost every Mediterranean region, Istria has an abundance of dishes that includes fruits of the sea so, if you are planning on visiting Istria make sure you indulge yourself in some fabulous dishes containing seafood.


Juicy Istrian Brodet, once a poor fisherman and now a delicacy is essentially fish stew that if prepared the right way must never be stirred, only shaken and prepared with at least seven different types of fish with the addition of seashells.



In Brodet goes also white wine, olive oil, tomatoes, bay leaf, sage, parsley, onion, and garlic. It is served only with polenta made from cornmeal. The sauce from Brodet is excellent for dipping bread in it.

Salted sardines

Salted sardines are an iconic meal in the whole Adriatic and the original recipe has been maintained since the time of old Greeks. It is referred to as the fish that fed the fishermen throughout centuries. Salted sardines are traditionally prepared exclusively from freshly caught fish, stored in containers, and salted.

Salted sardines

Salted sardines from

Once extracted from the container they are immersed in olive oil and served as appetizers. Sardines can also be grilled on an open fire with onions and the finished dish is flavored with garlic, bay leaf, and rosemary. As a specialty, you can find them salted or marinated in numerous restaurants in Istria and they are usually served.

Black cuttlefish risotto

Black risotto

Black risotto

This dish will surely linger in your memories and taste buds long after you leave Istria. If prepared right risotto with cuttlefish is a magnificent meal that all can enjoy. It is called black risotto because of the ink of the cuttlefish that is mixed into it.

Grilled squid

Grilled squid from the Adriatic

Grilled squid from the Adriatic

There are numerous ways to prepare a squid but if you would like to savor the excellent taste of this cephalopod the best way to prepare it is on the grill. Most valued pieces are caught with a special hook that is called Peskafond. They are seasoned only with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Jacob`s caps

Jacob`s caps shells

Jacob`s caps from

Jacob`s cap or Kapesante as they are known in Istria are considered the mussels in the world. In Istria, they are traditionally prepared baked in the oven and seasoned with olive oil and spices. They are also prepared grilled with olive oil and spices, cooked, combined with pasta or risotto, and are eaten raw.



Oysters from Ston,


Tavern Bakus

These mussels are eaten raw with only a few drops of lemon juice and are considered the most powerful aphrodisiac. In Istrian restaurants, they can be found wrapped in prosciutto and au gratin. The most delicious oysters in Istria come from Lim Bay and in nearby cities such as Rovinj and Porec, there are some excellent restaurants that serve these tasteful mussels.


Croatian Mussels


Mussels are the most consumed seashell. They are usually prepared on Buzara so that the flavor of the sauce which is made from olive oil, garlic, parsley, and white wine does not overpower the taste of mussels. They are also an unavoidable part of pasta and risotto.

Pasta ai Frutti di Mare

Istrian pasta, like all pasta, is made from flour and eggs, and in Istria, there are two types of pasta, Pljukanci, and Fusi. The distinction is in the way that they are prepared. Pljukanci are made by rubbing the dough between palms and Fusi by diagonally cutting the dough into strips and placing the strips one over the other.

Istrian Fuzi

Istrian Pasta Fuzi

Pasta with fruits of the sea is usually prepared with shrimps, mussels, cuttlefish, or with Jacob`s caps. Pasta is seasoned with olive oil and Mediterranean herbs. Do not be surprised if you find in your pasta some other “sea fruit” because many chefs add their own personal touch to this dish. No matter what sea fruits are found in pasta one thing is sure, when you try Istrian pasta ai Frutti di mare, it is as if you were served with the little taste of Mediterranean.

Pasta Frutti di Mare

Pasta Frutti di Mare from

Istrian wines

With these fabulous dishes, we wrote about be sure to order excellent Istrian wines such as Malvasia or Teran. Both sorts of wines are made from authentic Istrian grape and are among the world's finest wines that are simply a must-taste when in Istria.Wine tasting in IstriaIstrian white wine from Kozlovic winery, (we recommend it)

Where to stay in a villa in Istria?

After you have recuperated your body with excellent Istrian food and wine it would be best to find a place where you could kick of your shoes and relax both body and soul to the fullest.

Here we bring you our top 3 villas for a relaxed and luxurious vacation.

Luxury Villa La Bellissima with Pool

Luxury Villa La Bellissima with Pool Istria

Luxury Villa La Bellissima with Pool Istria

Spreading on a property of 3.780 m2 and overlooking Lim Bay, a sunken karst valley, Luxury Villa Bellissima is a perfect choice for a relaxing vacation. This magnificent five-star villa consists of the main house, a large garden with a heated infinity pool, alfresco dining area, summer kitchen, and a gazebo.

Gazebo Villa La Bellissima Istria

Gazebo of Villa La Bellissima

Villa also features a gym, sauna, 2 Jacuzzies and for entertainment, there is a billiard table and table tennis on site. With its 5 luxuriously fitted rooms villa can accommodate up to 10 guests that will lack in nothing during their stay.

Indoor Jacuzzi

Indoor Jacuzzi

Luxury Villa Artemis with Heated Pool

Villa Artemis Pula

Villa Artemis Pula

Although situated on the outskirts of the largest town in Istria, Pula, this ultramodern villa provides lots of privacy. Spreading on a plot of 3700 m2 Villa Artemis is a true work of art.

The modern design of the house Villa Artemis Pula

The modern design of the house

A carefully maintained garden full of Mediterranean plants and trees offers a soothing view that simply melts your worries away. This 3-floor luxury villa features a detached summer house with a dining table, wooden grill, and a fitness room, heated infinity pool, outdoor jacuzzi placed on a rooftop terrace that provides a magnificent view of the surroundings and especially on Veruda Bay. With 4 luxuriously fitted bedrooms, Villa Artemis can accommodate up to 8 guests. One of the features of this villa is a wine cellar with its rich offer of Istrian wines and a dining area.

Wine cellar Villa Artemis Pula

Wine cellar

Villa Meditation with Infinity Pool

Interior of Villa Meditation Porec

Interior of the Villa Meditation Porec

From top to bottom Villa Meditation exudes luxury and a relaxing note can be scent in and around the villa. Villa has a modern and fully equipped kitchen, two dining areas, indoor and outdoor, sauna, and indoor hot tub.

Hot tub Villa Meditation Porec

Hot tub Villa Meditation Porec

With 4 luxuriously fitted bedrooms with private bathrooms Villa Meditation can comfortably accommodate up to 8 guests. Surrounded by lush greenery and offering maximum privacy possible this villa justifies its name and if you choose to spend your vacation in Villa Meditation you will surely find your personal oasis of peace and relaxation.

Oasis of peace

Oasis of peace Villa Meditation Porec

We hope that you will be visiting Istria soon and give us feedback about your experience in this beautiful region.

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