Bike Routes Istria Parenzana

Bike routes in Istria Volume 1 – Parenzana

Last couple of years bicycle routes became very popular among travelers in Croatia wanting to explore the surroundings of their vacation destination and enjoy nature while riding a bicycle.

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The lure for spending vacation cycling through the countryside is in discovering hidden locations and in freedom to set your own pace for visiting locations that cannot be found on main tourist maps.

Riding a bike in Croatia

Riding a bike in Croatia


In this blog, we`ll be writing about Parenzana, a bicycle route that starts in Plovanija near the Slovenian border and ends in the town of Porec. The whole route follows this path: Plovanija, Buje, Groznjan, Livade, Motovun, Vizinada, and Porec.

Parenzana Bike Trail

Parenzana bike trail by Petar Milosevic from

Also, we`ll say a word or two about some of the most beautiful Istrian villas that can be found near its path.

Bicycle trail

Parenzana bicycle trail follows the old railway route that connected Trieste and Porec in the early 20th century and it offers beautiful scenery along the entire path of the bicycle trail. It goes through tunnels as well.

Parenzana Old Railway route

Old Railway route by Perica from

Along Parenzana picturesque and unique towns such as Motovun and Vizinada can be seen and visited.

Motovun Istria

Motovun Istria

Also, lots of family-run taverns and restaurants can be found on its path and truffles ice cream can be tasted among other delicacies that Istria has to offer.

Istrian food

Istrian food and wine

With difficulty marked as EASY, this trail is excellent for beginners and families wanting to spend a vacation together and discover the beautiful nature of the Istrian hinterland.

Istrian hinterland

Istrian hinterland from

This trail is 80 kilometers long and almost all of Parenzana is macadam road that is excellently marked with signs and info boards. You can start where ever it suits you because there is access to the bicycle trail every few kilometers.

Family friendly Parenzana

Family-friendly Parenzana by Cascafico


Villas in Istria near Parenzana

Along the Parenzana bicycle trail some of the best Istrian villas can be found and here we bring you our top villas for a dream vacation in Istria.

Villas for rent that are close to Parenzana bike route: Luxury Villa Titanium (Kastelir), Villa Meditation with infinity pool (Vizinada), Palazzo di Zara with Pool (Vabriga), Villa Grand Cube with Pool (Kastelir), Villa Ordinata with pool (Porec area), Holiday Home Cherry Hill (Visnjan), and Villa Figaro with Pool (Umag).

Next, we will give you a short description of each of the villas with their greatest benefits and reasons why you should book them for your luxury vacation near Parenzana.

Luxury Villa Titanium in Kastelir

This is a 5-star designer villa for 10 guests. It is filled with amazing glass and mirror details that are combined with interesting illumination. Just check the photo below and you will see what we mean.

Villa Titanium Kastelir Istria

Villa Titanium Kastelir Istria

The interior of the villa is also stylish and modern. Furniture is luxurious and with a fireplace that occupies a central position in the living area.



There are 5 bedrooms in the villa and a terrace with a sea view. There is a place for outdoor dining as well that includes a barbecue.

Terrace with outdoor dining

Terrace with outdoor dining

Villa Meditation with infinity pool in Vizinada

Surrounded by greenery and tucked away in nature, this villa is perfect for relaxation.

Villa Meditation Vizinada Istria

Villa Meditation in Vizinada, Istria

Therefore, the best feature of this villa is the outdoor area with a covered lounge area and infinity pool.

Lounge area of the villa Meditation in Istria

Lounge area

The interior is quite special as well. As you can see from the photo it is tastefully decorated. It includes 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.



As far as the amenities are concerned, besides the pool is with an infinity edge, but there is also a Sauna and an indoor hot tub in the villa!

Jacuzzi Villa Meditation Istria

Indoor hot tub

Villa Palazzo di Zara in Vabriga

This is a completely different mansion from the first two. It is luxurious like a palace.

Villa Palazzo di Zara Vabriga Istria

Villa Palazzo di Zara Vabriga Istria

Actually, this villa is situated in a luxury resort with several similarly luxurious villas each with the privacy of course. The outdoor area is fenced with greenery and there is a lovely gazebo in front of the villa for outdoor dining.

Gazebo for outdoor dining Villa Palazzo di Zara Istria

Gazebo for outdoor dining

The interior is equally royal. There are 4 bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms.

As we already mentioned this villa is within a luxury resort. Thus, there are numerous additional VIP services you can book such as private chef rental or spa treatments.

Villa Ordinata with pool near Porec

Villa Ordinata is a modern 4-bedroom villa with a summer kitchen. Except for the summer kitchen outside you will find the pool, a lounge area, and a space for outdoor dining with a barbecue. Does anyone need more?

Exterior of the villa Ordinata Porec

The exterior of the villa

The interior is a mixture between rustic and modern, but comfortable in any case.

Interior Villa Ordinata Porec


Villa Grand Cube in Kastelir

This is a villa for 8 guests with a large garden that is perfect for families with kids.

Villa Grand Cube Kastelir Istria

Villa Grand Cube Kastelir Istria

There is a shaded terrace with an alfresco dining table and an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue. The pool has a heating option.

Exterior Villa Grand Cube Kastelir Istria


The interior is modern and with a built-in fireplace in the living room. There is even a fitness room in the villa for exercise between cycling.

Holiday Home Cherry Hill in Visnjan

Holiday home Cherry Hill is a pet-friendly villa with a garden and a pool.

Holiday Home Cherry Hill in Visnjan Istria

Holiday Home Cherry Hill in Visnjan Istria

The outdoors is spacious and there is an outdoor sitting and dining area with a BBQ facility.

Outdoor area with BBQ Holiday Home Cherry Hill Istria

Outdoor area with BBQ

The interior of the villa is a blend of the rustic and modern style with artistic details. There are 5 bedrooms in the house and a place for entertainment with billiard and PS.

Entertainment area

Entertainment area

Villa Figaro Umag

Finally, this villa is a part of a complex of 5 villas. Thus, it is ideal for those who wish to come to their vacation in a group but still keep their privacy in a separate villa.

Villa Figaro Umag

Villa Figaro Umag

Villa Figaro is a rustic villa for 6 guests. There is a lovely sea view from the villa.

Villa Figaro Umag Sea View

Villa Figaro Umag Sea View

Here you will find full relaxation far from everyday life. Still, it is close to the town of Umag if need something from a larger city.

The interior of this villa is rustic with artistic details.

Villa Figaro Umag Interior

Villa Figaro Umag Interior

We hope you liked our blog about Parenzana and our suggestions for luxury villas near the bike trail. In case you like it, stay tuned because soon we will bring you the second volume of the Bike routes in Istria with a different route to explore!

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