Croatian strawberries

Croatian strawberries

It is springtime and spring in Croatia means that it is time for Croatian strawberries. We put them to salads, desserts, but serve them with meat as well. Read this blog and find out all about this delicious fruit.

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Where to find the best Croatian strawberries?

You can find them everywhere from Kvarner to Makarska Riviera. But where can you find the best Croatian strawberries? In Vrgorac near Makarska of course!

Vrgorac is a small town situated in the hinterland of the Makarska Riviera.

Vrgorac Strawberries Makarska

Vrgorac near Makarska, by Dreizung from

About Vrgorac

Vrgorac is interesting to take a one-day trip from Makarska. Our recommendation goes to Ethno village Kokorici where you can see life as it once was. There are also numerous cycling, hiking, and climbing routes if you are interested in an active one-day trip from Makarska. Depending on the season you can also go to strawberry, grape, or apple picking in Vrgorac. If you are more of a hedonist you can just taste the wonderful meat products, wines, or strawberries from this area.

Why are Vrgorac strawberries so good?

Some say their secret lies in plenty of sunshine, spring water (this is why they are so shiny as well), and karst type of the ground.

Others say that the reason why these strawberries are so sweet and yummy is the microclimate of the area and the big difference between the temperatures during the day and the night. The strawberries get their sugar from the sun during the day and they preserve it since it is cold during the night. For these reasons, these strawberries have Vrgorac Quality Label.

Croatian Strawberries from VrgoracVrgorac strawberries

Where to stay on the Makarska Riviera to taste Vrgorac strawberries?

Luxury Villa Vision in Makarska

This is a 5-star villa for 8 guests. It includes an infinity pool that can be heated and amazing sea views. Just check the photo below and you will see what we mean!

Villa Vision Makarska View Pool

Sea view from the infinity pool

Furthermore, this villa includes a great outdoor area with Jacuzzi, lounge area, sun deck, garden, and area for alfresco dining.

Villa Vision Makarska Lounge Area

Outdoor lounge area

The interior of the villa is modern and with interesting details.

Villa Vision Makarska Interior Details

Interior details

Furthermore, there are 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and several attractive terraces in the villa. Finally, the villa includes toys for children, a gym, and a sauna.

Thus, it is equipped with everything for a luxury vacation in Makarska!

Villa Ninona in Makarska

Villa Ninona is a villa for 8 guests with panoramic sea views.

Sea views from Villa Ninona Makarska

Panoramic sea views from Villa Ninona

This 4-bedroom villa includes an infinity pool that can be heated as well.

Villa Ninona Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool in front of Villa Ninona Makarska

There is also an outdoor dining area and a barbecue.

Outdoor dining area Villa Ninona Makarska

Outdoor dining area

Regarding the interior, it is modern and spacious. In the living room you will even find a fireplace which is great for a romantic mood should you come outside of the main season.

Furthermore, if you book this villa you will be able to enjoy the sea view from most areas of the villa: as we already showed you there is a stunning sea view from the pool and the sun deck, but you can also see the sea from the terraces and the inside of the villa as well.

Strawberries in meals

But let's return to the Star of this blog - strawberry. You can make a variety of dishes from strawberries. On Kvarner, many restaurants have Kvarner Gastro & Food calendar where strawberries are included.

Kvarner Gourmet Kalendar

Kvarner Gastro and Food Calendar

As you can see strawberries are included in May. This means that Kvarner restaurants use seasonal strawberries from the area in their meals.

Besides fruit salads, You can include them in various cold salads and serve them even with meat such as chicken.

Strawberry chicken salad

Strawberry chicken salad, by Alpha from

We have already written about fine dining in Opatija. Feel free to check our blog if you are interested in the Best restaurants in Opatija.

Where to stay on Kvarner during your gourmet strawberry vacation?

Villa Aria Dorata in OpatijaVilla Aria Dorata Opatija

Villa Aria Dorata Opatija

Villa Aria Dorata is a newly built modern villa with a garden. It is situated just a couple of kilometers from the center of Opatija and it includes panoramic sea views. The pool is with an infinity edge and it can be heated as well.

Pool of Villa Aria Dorata Opatija

The pool of Villa Aria Dorata

The best feature of this villa for 8 guests is the outdoor area with a covered summer kitchen and wooden barbecue.

Summer Kitchen Villa Aria Dorata

Summer kitchen

The interior is modern and spacious. It includes 4 bedrooms. Some of them include terraces with sea views.

Villa Royal View in Crikvenica

Our second choice on Kvarner is villa Royal View in Crikvenica. This is a large 5-star villa for 14 guests with panoramic sea views.

Panoramic Sea Views Villa Royal View Crikvenica

Panoramic Sea Views

There are 2 fully-equipped kitchens and 6 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms in the villa. The living room comes with a fireplace.

Fireplace Villa Royal View Crikvenica

Fireplace in Villa Royal View Crikvenica

A gym, sauna, wood-fire grill, and free bike usage are additional amenities of this exquisite villa.

 Villa Royal View in Crikvenica

Villa Royal View in Crikvenica

Strawberries in cakes

Other dishes aside, people usually put strawberries in cakes.

Cake with Strawberries

Cake with strawberries

For the end of this blog, we will bring you one easy, but still delicious recipe for strawberry cake.

Easy strawberry cake recipe

You can bake the biscuit with the following ingredients:

  • 5 eggs
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar
  • 5 tablespoons of flour
  • 1 Baking powder

First, mix the eggs and sugar. Then add flour and baking powder. Place the mixture into the cake mold and bake it in the oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 180°C degrees.

Cream for the cake

You will need 2 Vanilla pudding powders, 7dcl of milk, 4 tablespoons of sugar, and 100g of margarine.

First, take 2dcl of milk and mix it with sugar and vanilla pudding powders. Boil the rest of the milk and put the mixture inside and stir for a couple of minutes till it becomes creamy like regular pudding.

Cool the mixture and while you wait you can slice the strawberries in half. After the mixture has cooled you can add the margarine inside and mix it all together.

Then place a small amount of cream on the biscuit and then half of the 500g of strawberries. Then the rest of the cream and the second half of the strawberries.

Easy Strawberry cake

Easy strawberry cake

Finally, whipped cream goes on top of the cake.

We hope we inspired you to visit Croatia and taste Croatian strawberries in May. If not, at least try our recipe and tell us how it turned out!

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