Luxury Vacation in Central Istria

Luxury vacation in Central Istria

Today we proudly present the villa complex that is just perfect for a luxury vacation in Istria. These 5 villas are new to our offer.

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About the villa complex

This villa complex consists of 4 villas in one destination (Kanfanar near Rovinj) and one villa in another on the other side of the Istrian peninsula near Opatija (Villa Magica). Even though they are in different locations they are all in Central Istria.

Villa Romanza Rovinj

Villa Romanza near Rovinj

About Central Istria

Central Istria is also called the Heart of Istria. Nature here is untouched and safe. Central Istria is known after its vineyards and olive trees. It also has the best taverns where you can taste Mediterranean food, wine and olive oil.

Vineyards in Istria

Vineyards in Istria

The area is perfect for an active vacation. You can find a free climbing activity near the ruins of Dvigrad castle which is near our villas in Central Istria.

Our villa complex is far from the crowds but still close enough to the coastal destinations such as Rovinj, Porec and Pula. All these destinations are excellent and worth a one day trip from our Istrian villas.

Destinations for day trips in Istria

First, we recommend you to take a trip to historical towns on the coast!

  • Porec lies on the Western coast. It is famous after the Euphrasian basilica which is enlisted as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Euphrasian Basilica Porec

Euphrasian Basilica Porec photo from

  • Pula is in the South of the Istrian peninsula. It includes one of the largest preserved Roman Amphitheatres in the World called Arena which is definitively worth seeing! If you wish to read more about it, feel free to check our blog: Top 5 Must-Visit Historic Sites in Croatia.

Arena in Pula

Arena in Pula

  • Rovinj is our third recommendation with its stone streets and vivid colours.

Did you know that Rovinj is the most photographed town in Croatia?

Streets full of colours in Rovinj

Streets full of colours in Rovinj

  • Rabac is on the Eastern coast. It is popular for its beaches and close to one of our villas in Central Istria Villa Magica.
  • Motovun is a small inner town in Central Istria. It is a small destination with the famous film festival.
  • Umag is famous after its ATP tennis tournament. It is situated on the West Coast in the North.

Natural sights worth visiting in Istria

Regarding the natural wonders, we recommend you to visit Brijuni National park with its Safari park and golf courses. It is an archipelago situated near the South-Western coast. For private boat tours from Pula feel free to contact our VIP Concierge team.

Our second choice is the Lim bay near Rovinj where the view is great and shells are divine!

Lim Bay in Istria

Lim Bay in Istria

Shared facilities of the villa complex

4 villas that are near Rovinj include many shared sports facilities but still with the privacy of your own villa and a private pool. Sports facilities consist of basketball and football fields, tennis courts, workout space, and a playground. They are fully equipped and equipment is rentable and free to use.

Sports fields in Villas Istria

Sports fields of the villas complex

Tennis courts of the villa complex

Tennis courts of the villa complex

Playground of the villa complexPlayground of the villa complex

Additional services in our Central Istrian villas

You can also choose several additional services if you stay in the villas. Additional services include:

  • Cleaning service
  • Massage
  • Day boat trips
  • Car rental
  • Private chef service
  • Babysitting service
  • And the transfer service.

About the villas

All villas from the complex seem like villas from Tuscany.


They all have lovely facades (most of them are stone facades) and landscaped gardens that are fenced for your privacy. They even include a shared organic garden where you can pick vegetables for your meals free of charge.

Stone Facade and Landscaped Garden of Villa Terra Verde Rovinj

Stone Facade and Landscaped Garden in front of Villa Terra Verde Rovinj

All these villas come with the upper floor where you can find terraces for relaxation and with the view of the greenery.

Fun fact: Some of the gardens include 2.150-year-old olive trees!

The swimming pool area and sun deck is tiled for your comfort. Each pool comes with massage jets and a waterfall inside. They can be illuminated in the evening to highlight the atmosphere.

Villa Providenza Rovinj Illuminated Pool

Illuminated Pool of Villa Providenza Rovinj

Furthermore, they all come with the outdoor dining area. It is shaded and with summer kitchens and stone barbecues on woods.

Villa Magica Opatija Summer Kitchen

Summer kitchen in Villa Magica Opatija


As far as the interior is concerned they are all traditional with stone details such as stone archways, wooden beams at the ceiling, fireplaces and chandeliers.

Villa Romanza Rovinj Interior stone details

Interior with stone details in Villa Romanza Rovinj

But they are also modern with extravagant artwork on the walls.

The Istrian designer took care of the interior. It is in pastel colours and with Italian and French furniture thus providing these villas with a touch of luxury.

Villa Terra Verde Rovinj Chandeliers

Luxury furniture in Villa Terra Verde Rovinj

Your children (but also few adults) will be happy to hear that all these villas include gaming room as well with PS4.

Kitchen is fully equipped in the villas and designed with marble and vintage style kitchen appliances.

Villa Providenza Rovinj Kitchen

Vintage style kitchen appliances in Villa Providenza Rovinj

Villa Terra Verde Rovinj

This villa is slightly different from the others in the Rovinj location as it is bigger. Thus, it has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and it can accommodate 10 guests as opposed to others that are for 8 guests and include 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Other villas at the Rovinj location:

Villa Magica Opatija

Villa Magica Opatija

Villa Magica Opatija

Villa Magica is on a separate location as we already mentioned. It is situated beneath mount Ucka and near the small town of Pican.

This is a 5-star villa for 10 guests. It includes 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and consists of 2 separate villas with a huge pool connecting them. These two villas can be rented as a single unit only. They also include wellness with sauna and spa area. The gym is in a separate house. Due to all these features, we might say this is not a villa but a resort.

About Villa Magica

This resort was originally built in the 17th century and it has been renovated. For this reason, we can say that it includes personality and charm.

Interesting fact: You can find 650 years old oaken beams in the wine cellar and people used to hide in them during the wars. Old photographs add to this villas' authenticity.

Villa Magica Opatija Fireplace and old photographsFireplace and old photographs in Villa Magica Opatija

About the outdoor area

Two villas share the summer kitchen, barbecue and the outdoor dining area. There is also an outdoor stereo system provided for you to enjoy your dinners with music and lights.

The pool is big and with massage jets. It can be lighted at night which provides a special atmosphere. There is also a counter-current unit in the pool and the waterfall. Thus, it includes everything for your full relaxation.

Villa Magica Opatija Pool

Swimming pool in Villa Magica

Garden is big and enclosed, which provides you with privacy. It lies on 650m2 and it is well-groomed and full of Mediterranean greenery and trees. It also includes a sitting area.


There is a ping pong table for those who like sports and 10 bikes are available. You can take them to explore the secluded cycling trails in the area.

Bikes of Villas Istria

Bikes for sports activities

Regarding the day trips, we recommend you to go swimming at Sopot waterfall. But also visit the historic towns on the coast (we already mentioned them at the beginning of this blog).

More about the interior

Villa Magica is tastefully designed as the other villas with a couple of luxurious details that can only be found here:

  • Hot tub in the bedroom.
  • Fireplace in the bedroom.

Villa Magica Opatija Fireplace Bedroom

Fireplace in the bedroom of Villa Magica Opatija

It is a mixture of modern artwork and traditional stone architecture as well as the other villas from the complex. Kitchen is fully equipped and modern.

Now we told you everything there is to know about these new villas in our offer. Book them and experience luxury vacation in Central Istria for yourself!

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