Luxury Vacation on Peljesac

Luxury Vacation on Peljesac

Peljesac is the second largest peninsula in Croatia after Istria. Situated rather South it is relatively hidden from mass tourism. Thus, it is the perfect place for holidays in Croatia in these times when everybody is searching for privacy.

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Uniqueness of Peljesac

What other reasons are there to have a luxury vacation on Peljesac?

Gastro pleasures of Peljesac

Due to its South position with a lot of sunny days, Peljesac is world-known as a red wine region with superb wines made of grapes Plavac Mali from sites Dingac and Postup.

Wines of Peljesac

Wines of Peljesac, Dingac,

Madirazza winery

Thus, we recommend you to visit some of the local wineries and taste this authentic wine. If you need help in choosing the wineries, feel free to ask our VIP Concierge Team. They are experienced and know a lot about Peljesac and Croatia!

Oysters from Peljesac

Good food matches good wine on Peljesac. Regarding unique experiences, you should definitively taste the divine oysters that are being farmed in the Malostonski bay.

Oysters from Peljesac

Oysters from Peljesac, photo credit to Tavern Bakus in Ston

Wondering where to eat the best oysters and local, authentic food from Peljesac in general? Do not worry we will give you our expert's recommendations:

Where to eat on Peljesac?

  • Bota Sare – restaurant in Mali Ston by the sea. Their specialties are oysters and Dalmatian authentic food in general.
  • Bakus restaurant in Ston – it is known for its seafood, mussels in particular.
  • Kapetanova Kuca is also in Mali Ston. This restaurant has 2 delicacies and that is risotto and Ston cake.
  • Last but not least is the Saint Hills winery. Situated in inner Peljesac. They grow their own vegetables and spices. The food is best served with their wines.

What else is there on Peljesac (besides good food and wine)?

Sightseeing on Peljesac

Ston Walls

While on Peljesac make sure to visit the Ston Walls, the second-largest wall fortification after the Wall of China. Ston Walls were built for the protection of the saltworks (also worth seeing while on Peljesac). They were damaged in several earthquakes, but today they are restored and you can visit them. In fact, there is also a race that partly takes place on the Walls. It is called the Ston Wall Marathon and it is held each year in September.

Ston Walls

Ston Walls, photo by Dennis Jarvis from

Sports activities on Peljesac

When we talk about sports activities on Peljesac we should say that Peljesac is special since it has strong winds which are great for all sorts of water sports from windsurfing to kite surfing. Actually, a lot of windsurfing regattas, competitions, and championships take place in Viganj on Peljesac throughout the year. Thus, you will not be disappointed if you visit Viganj instead of Bol on your next surfing vacation.

Windsurfing on Peljesac

Windsurfing on Peljesac, source:

Besides surfing on Peljesac you can enjoy hiking on Sveti Ilija Hill with breathtaking views of the sea. On Peljesac you will also find many mountain bikes and trekking trails that are perfect for sports fans and active vacation seekers.

Hiking in Croatia with the sea view

Hiking in Croatia with the sea view

Peljesac beaches

Peljesac also has several beautiful beaches. From Mokalo to Trstenica, Prapratno to Ponta beach in Viganj. Most of them are long and sandy, but there are several with pebbles or rocks and with privacy. Thus, there is something for all tastes.

Coast of Peljesac

Coast of Peljesac with hidden beaches

Daily trips from Peljesac

When you get tired of Peljesac and we promise you won't, you might want to consider taking a daily trip. Our Vip Concierge Team can help you with the choice of daily excursions from Peljesac. Here are some top picks:

  • First of all, we recommend you to visit Korcula. Korcula is a nearby island with lots to offer. From excellent cuisine to nightlife and events. While there make sure to visit Lumbarda and its sandy beach, the birth house of Marco Polo in the town of Korcula, and check events with Moreska dance. If they take place while you are on Peljesac make sure to visit Korcula on those days because you will see a unique costumed dance that symbolizes the fight between Croats and Moors.

Island of Korcula from the air

Korcula Island from the air

  • Our second recommendation is the island of Mljet which is also a National Park. You will enjoy the awesome nature there. You can also take a swim in the lake within the island which is also a unique experience.

Odysseus cave on Mljet island

  • Our third choice is Dubrovnik. We have already written about Dubrovnik several times. In order not to repeat ourselves here we will link only one blog with a lot of useful info for future travelers to Dubrovnik: Top 5 things to do in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik - View from Mount Srd

Dubrovnik - View from Mount Srd

  • Mostar – our next recommendation is the town of Mostar. Situated in the neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina you will be able to experience its Islamic part and feel like you are in Turkey or some other Muslim country.
  • Last but not least is the town of Medugorje. It is a Marian sanctuary where a lot of people go for pilgrimage.

How to get to Peljesac?

From Split, the fastest way is to take highway A1 (enter at Dugopolje and take the Ravca exit).

The other way is the state road D8. This is a scenic route, but bear in mind that during the summer months you could get into traffic jams due to a large number of tourists on this road.

Both routes include a border crossing to Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you wish to avoid it, take a car ferry from Ploce to Trpanj on Peljesac. We wish you a bon voyage and a great luxury vacation on Peljesac.

If you are traveling from Dubrovnik you can find the details about it as well as the Google Map instructions in our blog How to get to Korcula from Dubrovnik as Peljesac is on the way.

Driving route from Dubrovnik Airport to Orebic on Peljesac peninsula

Driving route from Dubrovnik Airport to Orebic on Peljesac peninsula

Where to stay during your luxury vacation on Peljesac?

In a luxury villa of course! Luckily, in our portfolio, we have plenty of villas that will suit different tastes. Thus, we have villas on large estates with privacy like Villa Starry Sky, beachfront villas such as Villa de Maris, and villas near the Old town like for example Villa Aurora. Whichever you choose we assure you your luxury vacation on Peljesac will be a vacation of a lifetime!

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