Villas in Croatia with privacy

Villas in Croatia with privacy

As we promised in our previous blog How to travel to Croatia after the Coronavirus today we will give you our recommendations for villas in Croatia with privacy.

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Let's start with everybody's favorite destination Dubrovnik.

Villas with privacy in Dubrovnik

1. Dubrovnik sisters

Our first choice for Dubrovnik are luxury villas Frida and Elena, that can be rented together as the complex known as the Dubrovnik sisters. Just check the photo below and you will see what we mean when we say that these are the villas with privacy.

Dubrovnik sisters Villas with the surrounding area

Villa Dubrovnik sisters with the surrounding area

Besides the fact that there are no other houses in the neighborhood, there are numerous other benefits to these villas. The first being that they are brand new. This means that if you hurry and book them for this season you could be their first guests ever. :-)

Both have heated pools, sauna, and Jacuzzi. BBQ and outdoor dining area are also at your disposal. There is also the possibility of pre-stocking, chef service, private transfers, and boat day trips. For more information about the additional services feel free to contact our professional VIP Concierge Department.

At the moment you can get these villas with a huge discount of up to 65% (depending on the season).

2. Dubrovnik Summer Residence

Our second choice for the Dubrovnik Villas with privacy is definitively Dubrovnik Summer Residence. We have already written about this wonderful villa in our blog Villas in Croatia for events as this property is great for weddings. The main benefits of this villa are the huge property (app. 20.000m2) around the villa and its location near Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Summer Residence from the air

Villa Dubrovnik Summer Residence from the air

At the moment Dubrovnik is coming back to normal and from last week you can visit the Dubrovnik City Walls again. Hopefully, by the time you visit Dubrovnik, everything will be back to normal.

Villas in Split with privacy

We have many great choices in and around Split. Some of them are Villa Radun Home and Villa Life2Enjoy, but we have already written about them in one of our previous blogs: Villas in Croatia for large groups.

Both of the previously mentioned villas are situated in quiet surroundings and on huge properties with no neighbors. On the other hand, today we will present you two villas that are built in the settlement, but they are fenced. In other words, you will have your privacy if you book them, but you will still be close to the center of Split.

If you book either of them you will be able to walk in nature and enjoy the beauties of the Marjan Hill and the beaches on its coast. On the other hand, the center of the town is also within a walking distance where you will find authentic restaurants, sightseeing, and nightlife.

3. Luxury Residence Spalatum

This is one of the most luxurious villas in Split. Its interior is made of high-quality furniture and it is really spacious. It even has a library room. The outdoors are well maintained with a big garden.

Luxury Residence Spalatum near Split Center

Luxury Residence Spalatum with Split Center in the background

The best feature of this villa is that it is situated approximately 1km from the center of the city on foot. If you come to your vacation by car, just leave it in the garage of the villa and move around on foot. It is healthy and fun.

4. Luxury Villa Marjan Palace

This villa for 10 guests is built in stone with antique looks and design. Thus, if you book it you will feel like you are in a palace. The outdoors are fenced so you will be able to enjoy your privacy. Furthermore, it includes a Mediterranean garden with a private pool and Jacuzzi. Finally, it includes an outdoor grill and dining area with a sea view. What else do you need on vacation?

Garden with the view of the Luxury Villa Marjan Palace Split

Garden with the view of the Luxury Villa Marjan Palace Split

5. Villa Red Hacienda near Vodice

This is another great villa built on a huge property of 11.000m2 near Vodice. There are no neighbors and it is in quiet surroundings. Thus, it is a perfect choice if you are looking for a villa with privacy.

We have already written about this villa on our blog Pet-friendly villas in Dalmatia. Feel free to check it, if you are interested in additional details about it. In any case, its highlights are:

  • It can accommodate up to 14 guests so it is great if you are coming as a part of a large group

  • It includes an organic garden with vegetables you can pick yourself

  • Its outdoors are great and equipped with a barbecue area

  • It is a country type villa with very friendly owners. Delicious meals you can prepare on the barbecue of the Villa Red Hacienda

Delicious meals you can prepare on the barbecue of the Villa Red Hacienda

6. Luxury Villa Korcula Diamond

This villa is surely an architectural masterpiece. It consists of two separate units with two infinity pools so it is perfect for two families.

Villa Korcula Diamond

Villa Korcula Diamond - architectural masterpiece

We have dedicated a whole blog to this villa: Villa Korcula Diamond - Villa from another world. Feel free to check it if you are interested in this great villa.

Its main benefits are its remote location, great sea view, two infinity pools, modern interior with the sea view. Chef service is also available at request and daily boat trips. Just check our guests from Villa Korcula Diamond enjoying their boat trip arranged by our VIP Concierge Department.

Our guests who booked Villa Korcula Diamond enjoying their boat trip

VIP Holiday Booker's guests who booked Villa Korcula Diamond enjoying their boat trip

Villas in Makarska with privacy

7. Beachfront Villa Shades of Summer Makarska

In Croatia, we do not have private beaches, but this house has private access to the beach and this is the closest thing you will get to a private beach in Croatia. In general Makarska Riviera is famous after its long, pebble beaches.

Pebble beach in Makarska

Long, pebble beach in Makarska from

Regarding the villa Shades of Summer, as much as it charms you with its beachfront location it will also capture you with its huge terrace together with the outdoor dining area and barbecue – you will probably spend most of your time there.

Villa Shades of Summer Makarska

Villa Shades of Summer and the beach

As you can see this villa is fenced with greenery. Thus it offers you 100% privacy. Also, it has car access and a garage if you come to your vacation by car.

8. Country house Dalmatian Stone Makarska

This is a great villa if you wish to spend your holidays high above Makarska. Thus, You will spend it in nature, with panoramic views and far from the crowds. Furthermore, this country house is near the Biokovo mountain which is also a Nature Park. So you can spend your vacation actively if you book this house.

Villa Dalmatian Stone Makarska

Villa Dalmatian Stone with Nature Park Biokovo in the background

Country House Dalmatian Stone is built in Dalmatian style with the full luxury of a villa with a private pool for 8 guests!

Villas on Hvar with privacy

9. Villa Santa Domenica Hvar

This spacious villa for 14 people with 7 bedrooms has an Eco-friendly certificate. It lies on a huge property in a small settlement called Sveta Nedilja on Hvar island.

Villa Santa Domenica Hvar

The property of Villa Santa Domenica in Sveta Nedilja on Hvar island

As you can see the property is large with 100% privacy and no neighbors nearby. It also includes an amazing Mediterranean garden with olive trees. The terrace with dining area and barbecue, and the infinity pool with built-in Jacuzzi both include panoramic sea views and are definitively best features of this villa for large groups.

10. Beachfront Villa Pure Life Hvar

This is a beachfront villa near the town Hvar from the waterside. If you drive it takes a lot of time so you will be quite isolated. The bay itself is peaceful with only a few houses and the owner of the villa nearby. Furthermore, this villa has private access to the beach.

Villa Pure Life Hvar

Beachfront villa Pure Life on Hvar island

The exterior includes several terraces for outdoor dining and chilling with a lot of greenery and sea views. Regarding the interior, the villa is built in the Rustical Dalmatian style and it includes 6 bedrooms, which is great for larger groups. We have also had guests who held small receptions in this villa.

To conclude, as you can see all of these villas are isolated or fenced and they offer privacy. Furthermore, all our villas have upgraded their health and sanitation measures because of the pandemic. Most of them provide grocery delivery as well. Thus, there is no need for you to go shopping during your vacation and you can avoid unnecessary physical contacts. Finally, most of these exquisite villas offer huge discounts for this season (up to 50%)!

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