Croatian Plum Dumplings Recipe

Croatian Plum Dumplings Recipe

Plum dumplings are a traditional Croatian sweet meal. It is not a dessert, but a full course meal which you can choose instead of meat and side dishes when you get tired of them.

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Origin of plum dumplings

The meal originates from Austria. But since Croatia was once a part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy it is in Croatia as well. We eat them in the season of plums, which means late in the summer or early in the autumn.

Plum dumplingPlum dumpling

Note: They are called plum dumplings because originally plums were in the recipe, but it is up to you (and your family or friends who are going to eat this delicious meal) what you put inside. You will see below that the choices are wide and it is up to your imagination. If you use other things you do not need to prepare them in the season of plums. You can make them whenever you like.

Chocolate dumplingChocolate dumpling

Recipe for Croatian Plum Dumplings

Preparing the dough

First, you take 6-7 potatoes (you will get approximately 15 dumplings), peel them and slice them into smaller parts.

Boil the potatoes and cook them in slightly salted water. This part of the recipe is similar to the one when you make mashed potatoes.

Potatoes for the dough

Potatoes for the dough

After they are cooked (about 15 min to half an hour) mash them and add 1 egg and about the same amount of flour to the mixture.

Mixture for the dough

Mixture for the dough

Mix all together and once you get a unified dough you are ready to make dumplings.

Shaping of the dumplings

Put a bit of flour on the table in order for them not to stick to it. Then roll the dough with a rolling pin till it is about 1cm thick.

Dough with rolling pin

Dough with a rolling pin

Cut the dough into square-shaped pieces.

Then place half of the plum in the middle. First, you take out the seed and wash it. Dry it and place it in the middle of the square.

Placing the plum into the dough

Placing the plum inside

Join the two opposite angles of the square and the other two.

The procedure of closing the dumpling

The procedure of closing the dumpling

Then make a round shape with your hand and repeat the procedure with all dumplings.


When you have them ready, boil the water again. Once it is boiling, place the dumplings inside and wait till they float. Then they are cooked.

Boiling dumplings

Boiling dumplings

Take them out from the water.

Browning of the bread crumbs

The final step is to brown the bread crumbs. Heat the oil and brown the bread crumbs a bit.

Browning of the bread crumbs

Browning of the bread crumbs

Place them on dumplings together with a bit of sugar and enjoy!

Final product

Final product

As we mentioned at the beginning the filling is optional. We usually put plums, but also jam and chocolate spread or chocolate cube inside. Do not worry it will melt during cooking and be just yummy once you taste it.

Dumpling with chocolade piece inside

Where to taste the best plum dumplings in Croatia?

As we already mentioned this meal is of Austro-Hungarian origin, thus the best ones in Croatia are in the areas where the Austro-Hungarian cuisine was most influential. Thus, the continental parts of Croatia and the Kvarner area would be good choices.

Gorski Kotar gourmet experience

Gorski Kotar is the hinterland of the Kvarner area and lately, Goran County has a project called the Goran County gourmet offer. What is it all about?

About 20 restaurants participate in this project each year where each month they offer different seasonal dishes and plum dumplings are usually a part of the Autumn offer (usually they are on the menu in October).

National Park Risnjak Gorski Kotar

National Park Risnjak by Highonsteep from

If you are interested you can learn more about the project and the restaurants where to try plum dumplings at the Tourist Board of Gorski Kotar Facebook page.

Where to stay during your Gorski Kotar gourmet experience?

As we already mentioned, Gorski Kotar is near Kvarner and on Kvarner in Opatija and we can offer you plenty of villa choices. The following villas are among the best ones.

Luxury Villa Vista Hills Opatija

This is a designer villa with a luxurious interior.

Interior of the Villa Vista Hills Opatija

Interior of the Villa Vista Hills in Opatija

It includes 5 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms thus it is perfect for 10 guests.

One of its greatest benefits is its panoramic sea view, but this villa can offer you so much more.

Sea View from Villa Vista Hills Opatija

Splendid Sea View from the villa

The pool can be heated and there is also an indoor Jacuzzi for your relaxation.

Those who like to exercise on this vacation will be thrilled to hear there is also a gym in the villa. Additionally, there is an entertainment room with PlayStation which is perfect for kids.

Villa Semper Fi Opatija

Our second choice is another modern 5-star villa with an infinity pool.

Pool of the Villa Semper Fi Opatija

The pool of Villa Semper Fi

It also includes 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and a splendid sea view.

Regarding the interior, you will find floor-to-ceiling glass walls which ensure a great view even from the inside.

Interior of the Villa Semper Fi Opatija

Interior of the Villa Semper Fi Opatija

As far as the amenities are concerned you will find plenty of them in this villa from sauna, indoor Jacuzzi, barbecue, to outdoor dining area.

There are also several bikes that you can use if you rent this house free of charge during your stay.

Finally, the villa is also pet-friendly and situated in quiet surroundings.

Luxury Villa Aspecta Opatija

Our final choice for villas on Kvarner is luxury villa Aspecta. It is a 5-star villa with a wonderful sea and an Opatija view.

Regarding the interior, it includes 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and it is modern.

Interior of villa Aspecta Opatija

Interior of the villa

The pool can be heated and there is an indoor Jacuzzi in the villa.

Villa Aspecta Opatija

Villa Aspecta Opatija

Outdoors you will also find a summer kitchen and a place for outdoor dining.

Other amenities of this exquisite villa are mini-golf, sauna, gym, entertainment room, and tavern. Just perfect for a relaxing, but active vacation as well.

Mini golf Villa Aspecta Opatija

Mini golf field

We hope you enjoyed our blog about Croatian Plum Dumplings and that you will try out our recipe yourself. In case you have questions about it, feel free to ask us on our Social media channels by using our #vipholidaybooker hashtag.

We also hope you will visit Croatia and try the plum dumplings here in late summer or Autumn. In any case, we wish you to enjoy this delicious meal with your family and friends!

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