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How to get to Brac Island in Croatia

Find all information on how to get to Brac Island in Croatia. Explore all options on reaching Brac and find the accurate information on ferry timetables and find out how to move around the island. Whether you are looking for the fastest way to reach Brac Island or for the most affordable option to get to Brac, you will find it all in our travel guide on getting to Brac Island.

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The Best 10 Hvar Luxury Villas for Perfect Holidays in Croatia

Do you want to a spend luxurious holidays on the island of Hvar? Take a look at our top selection of the most luxurious villas on Hvar with incredibly luxurious amenities, such as the infinity pool overlooking the sea, a sauna with stunning panoramic views, a private wine cellar, a boat mooring or a tennis court. The best villa rentals on the island of Hvar are shortlisted in The Best 10 Hvar Luxury Villas for Perfect Holidays in Croatia. Have a look and find your dream home-away-from-home!

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The Most Air-Photographed Beach in Croatia: Zlatni Rat Beach - Golden Horn Beach

Beach Zlatni Rat in Croatia, in English often referred to as Golden Horn Beach or Golden Cape Beach, is the real magnet for photographers from all over the world. Thanks to its unique tongue-shape that extends into the turquoise sea, aerial photos of Golden Horn Beach almost always beat any other angle and almost any other air-photographed beach.

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Worth a visit: Krka Waterfalls National Park in Croatia

If you are spending your holidays in Croatia, especially in Central Dalmatia, we strongly recommend a one-day trip to one of the most precious Croatian natural gems, Krka Waterfalls National Park. For nature lovers, for those who seek for peace and inspiration, for those who strive to spend time outdoors and enjoy discovering natural beauty spots, spending a day wandering the National Park Krka Waterfalls inevitably should be on the bucket list of things to do in Croatia.

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Before Prince Harry met Meghan Markle

Long, long ago, before Prince Harry met Meghan Markle, he visited magical island Hvar and according to media writings, he had spent a really good time there. We wonder if he had fallen in love with the Adriatic Coast and does he keep any memory of holidays in Croatia in his mind?

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