Fritule Croatian Doughnuts

How to make Croatian fritule

Fritule are traditional Croatian dessert. They look like small doughnuts and we usually make them in Carnival time. Since now is the time of Carnival we decided to bring you one of the recipes where we will explain in detail how to make Croatian fritule.

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The mixture for Fritule

Take two firm yogourts and put them in the bowl. Then add three eggs to the yogourts.

Fritule starting mixture

Photo of the Fritule starting mixture from Sasha's Kitchen youtube vlog

After that peel the crust of the half lemon into the mixture. If you can use eco lemons that are not treated because most of the toxins stay in the peel.

Adding the Brandy to Fritule

The next step is to put 10ml of brandy or rum into the mixture. That is the key step since Fritule-s are being fried in deep oil and brandy will make them oil-free! Next put 2 large spoons of sugar, a bit of salt and one bag of vanilla sugar. Then mix all the ingredients manually.

Rakija Brandy for Fritule

Photo of Croatian Brandy for Fritule from

Finishing the mixture for Fritule

Afterward, add 280g of flavor and half a bag of baking powder, then stir it again of course manually and then add additional flavor (70g). Mix everything together till the mixture becomes smooth. It is still moist do not worry this is how it is supposed to look like. J Finally, leave the mixture to rest for 15 minutes.

Smooth mixture for Fritule

Photo of the smooth mixture for Fritule

from Sasha's Kitchen youtube vlog

Frying of Fritule

As we already mentioned the Fritule-s are fried in deep oil. Heat the oil, but it is essential not to heat it too much because then our lovely little doughnuts will become brown on the outside and still stay raw in the middle. You can test the temperature with the wooden ladle. Put it in the oil and when small bubbles start forming around it the oil is ready.

Frying of Fritule

Photo of the frying of Fritule

from Sasha's Kitchen youtube vlog

Before the frying process, stir the mixture again and then start. You take half of a large spoon of the mixture and put it inside the oil. If you use a large pot you will be able to put about 10 little doughnuts at one time. You should turn them several times before they are done. Then take them out and place them on the napkin to soak the oil from the frying process.

Croatian Fritule Doughnuts

Photo of Fritule from

Finally pour them with powdered sugar. Do not worry if they are not as beautiful as these from the photo. They will become beautiful with practice. :-) We would appreciate if you shared your photos or comments with us here or social media by using the #vipholidaybooker hashtag.

Where are the best fritule in Croatia?

On the other hand, if you really wish to taste the best fritule you should visit Split. There you will find the best fritule on Riva or the sea promenade.

Riva Split Promenade

Photo of Riva Split Promenade

Where to stay in Split?

And since we in VIP holiday booker are local villa experts for Croatia we wish to offer you our help in finding the luxury accommodation in Split. Feel free to check our offer of Split villas and send us your inquiry while enjoying your Fritule.

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